Football pro and America's Got Talent star coming to Rochester to support Bivona Child Advocacy Center

Friday, April 13th

Bivona’s Child Abuse Summit

April 26 & 27 with

Featuring keynote breakfast speaker, Jon Dorenbos, who is a former Eagles player and also known for his magic on America’s Got Talent. He is a survivor of childhood violence – his father murdered his mother – and he will be sharing his story with 800+ guests at the Summit

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Thank you so much for joining me again MC riders and this is neighbors in need and we're here today with Debra was in the executive director and I'm in the bone and child and I can see Saturn thank you so much for taking time to come in today no thank you for having me. Cash what you guys do day in and day now you referred to your staff has angels that all of you. Really are named in well it is very different homework there's no question about it but look. The kids are out there there in your neighborhood there in my neighborhood. They need us and I consider it. Honestly sandy I consider it an incredible privilege to be there to be able to help kids in need. How many. It's have you worked and we even have the hand out number yeah we sure do. So in 2016. Both bona child advocacy center side just about 2000 and it's all mine he had the number is big. And since we opened our doors we've helped just about 20000. Children. So these are children who have themselves directly experienced. Sexual abuse or physical abuse. And also the children that live in their household so their siblings for instance that may or may not have directly experienced abuse. But we're exposed to the dynamics around the child abuse and so these are children that come from every corner of the community the UN I live in. Suburbs towns villages in the city. Who have experienced some really horrific things. Now how old is opponent. Just just about fourteen years old so the bonus of the phone opened its stores in 2004. Okay and and started serving children pretty much right away and in those years it has just been if you can picture steep hill it has just been. A very steep incline in the numbers of children that we serve. That doesn't mean that there are more children being abused and neglected our community what it means is that since the bona. Started the word his really gotten out to the community and tell our partners that we are here to help kids yes and so were serving more and more kids and and what I do we say is that while it breaks my heart to see the numbers. It gives me great peace to know that of the children need us they can find us. Now a lot of us today. You know actually a crazy world we live and what is happening but is it always been this way in now like you said work talking about it more so now realize yes yes absolutely. And I think actually you know there is some good news there is some reason to believe that for incidents for instance the incidence of child sexual abuse. Is on the slight decline nationally. It's still a very very common problem. Yeah so we are talking the very clearly about at least one in ten children experiencing sexual abuse before their eighteenth birthday. But we don't need to be concerned at least at this point about that number growing. It is absolutely. Getting more attention. And it is becoming more. Of a public problem both because people know about it but also unfortunately because of some of the dynamics around child pornography and the use of cellphones. In the transmission of child pornography. But this is a problem that has existed. For as long as we know yes and two were really lucky in this community to have a resource like the bone that brings together all the different partners that respond to child abuse. And do you see even in the schools that are they're being more proactive about the so students feel more comfortable coming to somebody coming forward we think so we should excel. That so we are doing a lot of work in schools and some of art some of our partner agencies are as well to really educate school administration in school personnel. About just how common child sexual abuses. And we're also starting a program actually just this coming fall where we will be directly educating. Kindergarten through eighth graders in some school districts. About how to keep themselves safe. In very child appropriate language very you know developmentally appropriate and trauma informed language. Really talking to kids in their language about how to keep themselves safe. Because what we know we is that unfortunately. Many children who experience abuse it's abuse of some kind. Never tell anyone. Or maybe they tell someone that that person doesn't really understand what they're hearing or frankly doesn't believe what they're hearing or does he know what to do with the informing and certainly doesn't know what to do with the information they're hearing there is it an interesting study. In Australia. So was society very similar to our own a recent study. In which adults were asked some questions about child sexual abuse and really the outcome of the study. Was that only one in three adults indicated that they would believe that child who told them about sexual abuse today. And I thought that was so interesting so it's a question of understanding what's being said. And believing it and then choosing to take action. And what we really want to do is educate adults about how common child sexual abuses. What to do if they hear about it and tell helped them be brave to take action on behalf of children. Can you be the first person we call it for gas or the donor can be the first person that is called. And somebody will help you sort through what it is that is causing new suspicion of abuse you and we'll point you in the right direction to formally to formally make that report if that's the appropriate thing to do. And people absolutely can and should feel comfortable directly reporting to gut state central register which is the child abuse hotline at. Or to their local law enforcement. But if people at any questions about that process or any questions about what they've observed that's making them feel suspicious. They absolutely can and should call per phone it at 9357. B 800. Feel like a lot of people I we Syria and everybody's overwhelmed all these agencies are understaffed and overwhelmed with cases. Do you feel like it's getting better or it's something that we're just gonna have to try to navigate around. I think fit in Monroe County there's reason to believe that. It will start getting better I think that the county has indicated very strongly in the budget reflects that they are going to expand the number of Child Protective Services workers. And that is a very good thing for this community but I think it's gonna take a long time to get there and and one of the reasons it's gonna take a long time to get there is let's let's be honest with ourselves CPS workers get a really bad rap. And CPS workers do some of the hardest work imaginable. And I would ask all of your listeners to put themselves in the shoes of a person doing this work. How difficult that is day out day in and day out. And they. Are subject to a lot and very public criticism. Some perhaps there much of it unfair. And to choose to go into a profession professionally Child Protective Services. Under those conditions is a difficult choice to make and they're not paid. As much as they should be paid for the work that they're doing and that a hand to right I mean it. You know you could look at it is like no money in the world to really compensates that an enormous difficulty of the work that you could also look at it this way and I know this from first hand experience. Doing the work of Child Protective Services is enormously rewarding them. These are folks that are first responders in every sense of the word and really. Should have the pride and honor that we give to firefighters and law enforcement personnel. In terms of what they do on the front lines for children every day and believe me they get a lot of joy in that. There's a lot of joy in seeing a child's situation go from bad to not so bad Ted downright good. So. I think that one thing that the general public can do when it sounds very sort of simple is simply to give respect to Child Protective Services worker. Workers the respect that they deserve. And really allow this community. To rebuild the strength of of its CP us workforce. You were talking about watching a situation go from bad to kind of good. A thriving these kids to ride to end the Dibona child advocacy center you guys are hosting your tenth annual child abuse summit. On the 26 and 27 so mark those states down under from and it's Thursday and Friday the 26 and 27. And who is the speaker Cruz the keynote speaker because he lived. Through this he asked. Well so John Doran boss is Dick keynote speaker and he is remarkable some folks may know him as the former. NFL snapper for the eagles' long and snapper very popular player. He played briefly for the bills but it was only brief but I'm sure he was grade I don't know I didn't follow up and does this affect blood. But some folks may know him because he is literally a world renowned magician. He's been on America's Got Talent and whenever they European version is not America's Got Talent it. And and then Ellen show multiple times he has an unbelievable. Magician. What people may not know about him is that when nick he was a young child to and his father murdered his mother. In an act of domestic violence. And it so his life was in one instant essentially. Totally unraveled. Hope and with C twelve years old so look. I mean that just doesn't happen one day to switch goes off now probably led twelve years with seeing things that. Well we don't know you know it's interesting I mean if it's it's worth taking a look at how among line there's there's some really interest staying. There's a really interesting documentary that the NFL produced about him and they're just a lot of really interest in material online. He does not talk so much about a lifetime of domestic violence but what he does talk about is his experience. Coping with the trauma of the loss of his mother and of course the loss of his father because it was functionally the law loss of his father's well. And he talks a lot about how he coped and where he found resilience some magic has a lot to do with that he really credits learning magic is being the thing that saved his life. But he also credits the loving commitment of his aunt who became his Foster mother and later essentially has adoptive mother and remains his mom to this day. As helping him and his story is just incredibly. Moving and compelling. And no one thing I really love about it is he is a big tough dude I mean is an NFL player and he's you know in phenomenal shape. Got a big beard he's really like. Early looking and she talks with tremendous empathy and compassion about the experience of young children who experience trauma. In. When children experienced trauma they need all of our love and all of our support and understanding. Yes and that's key and that's verb opponent steps in and and helps out with that opponent child advocacy center now is this open to the public this it is absolutely open to the public so this summit is Izzy said a two day professional conference. On in the week it attracts a lot of social workers mental health professionals law enforcement Child Protective Services. Educational professionals but really anyone can go. And people can go if they're interested for just the morning session so just that keynote presentation that we talked about some some other brief presentations. For the breakfast portion of had on people can purchase tickets for that on the first day or. People can purchase one day tickets or to date tickets it's very affordable. On that you'll no doubt see someone who you know there because word looking at probably about 900 people this year this is a big professional services conference. This is wonder faults. You land to say that is your tenth annual and he can lose. Can't remember interviewing you guys leave bad when it was the first few years my own stints I mean. Remarked you had at that time I remember there was. I but he wasn't a child at the time but he lived through traumatic a traumatic situation and he found you guys and he came in to say. How wonderful and how. It was a pivotal point when you guys answered his life and helped him now wolf thanks for sharing that it's you know when when children. Come forward to disclose their abuse or when an abuse of the child has been uncovered the host first few days of interaction with a child or so incredibly important me and we are entire century is really built around reducing the trauma that children exposed. Are exposed to showing them compassion showing them love. First and foremost demonstrating that they are believed because that's really what children need at a time like ass yeah. So it's wonderful to hear any story about a young person that was helped by us and we certainly need the support of the public to do what we do we need people to understand about how common child abuse actually is. And to understand how fortunate we are to have a community resource like the phone are. Q what else can we do besides keep talking about it and keep your eyes open to situations sure absolutely well so people should check out our web site it the bonus CAC dot org. And that take a look at the particularly at educational classes that we offer we are really interested in educating the public about child abuse. In in particular about the prevalence and impacts of child sexual abuse. Because until the public really understands how common this problem is we will not start getting to solutions so check out our classes online content to our class is online. We are always looking for volunteers we volunteer opportunities. Working with children and families volunteer at opportunities at our fundraising events which. Really I know we're pretty famous earth like I'm and that's. And volunteers really just to help Paramus hundreds of murder partner agencies. Jeff Rosen executive director of the divine and child advocacy center and again at the date of the child abuse summit is on the 26 and twenty sevens and like you mentioned daddy can I tickets for all of then largest pieces of it jump on the website and then again it is a bonus CAC dot ORG in perfect thank you so much thank you.