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Friday, September 1st

Tweak your mindset and the money will come

Do you have the confidence, the right mindset to take risks? 

We cash in with expert Sheila Kennedy

"You Had It All Along: 5 Keys to Unlocking the Power of Confidence At Your Core"

"Choices to Changes"

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Welcome to the seven figures and podcaster we give you the information to help you dominate what your finances. And today you're struggling financially if you are now where you want to beat chances are. It's struggling with your confidence. Cassini riders much love to our good friends and family first credit union for supporting new podcast. From personal banking and business services and home loans they're number one priority is finding a solution that works for you locally. Still let's talk about your confidence. Would you say your Kapanen person I thought I was. I can tell I got Sheila as buck so I invited Sheila Kennedy in a while back for our neighbors in need podcast. And she was doing hosting on authors swore rates a benefit results. A local organization here in Rochester New York that benefits domestic violence victims. And of course she laughed she's very sweet before she laughs she. Gave me her puck you had it all along five keys to unlocking the power of confidence at your car and I thought very it's a party give me one upper bucks. Probably not that arena I don't need us don't need a confident Spock. But it was very nice I appreciated the gesture. Still a couple weeks went by and it picked up the Bakken as a clown let me see let me check it out. The very first page the introduction which by the way I never read the introduction but for this book I debt. Are you feeling confident. Many women who would say yes. But in reality they hide behind a mask of false confidence they cover either insecurities to make it look like they have it altogether on the outside. But the inside story is much different. They stay stuck in the sea of meter record heat because they are secure in the safety of what they now. And repel opportunities to live and succeed outside of their comfort sound. They also tend to struggle with making the income they deserve. And satisfying relationships at home and work being paralyzed by indecision the Tug at their hearts to pursue. Their passion OK so I read data like Iraq crap. If I don't have a problem and it's I thought I had. Silly made it Sheila back dated for this podcast the seven figures podcast author Sheila Kennedy and confidence coach thank you so much for joining wealth thank you for having me I appreciate being here. Let me expose our lack of confidence. Man how that very first paragraph in your buck really hit home for a lot of us and L one and I hot moment for you more it began I did someone tell me sooner Manny. While there's several that I think one of the things that in. Might authorship I guess. And in being in business however realize is that I was Dana research for these books and things like that is that this is all of the conference is directly related to risk taking. And so I wasn't taking risks and so that men and wasn't growing my business. I wasn't reaching out and making connections as people because I wasn't sure I was gonna have it be okay in that relationship site wasn't taking those risks. I was trying to invest seventeen members because. It's risky Wednesday undo and I want them to do when a fight you know. Of those things and so as I read his interview laying in the punched you know Mary's friend choices to change as in things like that I was realizing that. What all of this is is about how we take risks and so if we can accomplish in and weekend. Feel better about our confidence son Colin now explain exactly what that means that a little bit later but. If we can feel good about that then we're going to be able to take risks which means we're going to be able to grow and that means our money. Our businesses grow our relationships. You know whenever that is a gross is going to be directly related to risk and I didn't realize that until after I finished trading stocks. I so let's get. In the minds at the right mindset that you have to have. So then you can flourish in the areas that you want to and specifically despite guesses about finances but it's all tied in. You know your overall general happiness. And stress level it's kinda tied into the finance concern and it's these books you had it all along and choices to changes are connected. Right and my first book was you had a dollar along. And you said you had the five keys. To being confident and success can we go through those Sarah. A cast Eric so I am I believe Tino at first being a little bit about the whole power Akron N is to talk about the fact that. I eight didn't feel very content I wasn't running mate isn't like there's a whole lot going wrong in my life and I'm like OK but if congress just. I just felt better about who I lead is and I just had to mark self esteem or confidence. And and there's difference between those two thirds have let. I I will be okay I'm gonna make money and I and I'm watching on these gurus and all these business owners and they're also are seeing and looks so successful and hasn't why am I doing wrong yeah why is paying like I don't understand that any tea tend to blame other ace and oh I think my boss holding me down. TV you know and I couldn't or else is it was mean yeah so I think she's still I guess I have. Suggest figure out how to build this confidence so I can grow and do. What I want dale I couldn't achieve my goals so. That's what you had no lungs started out that and that came. Fanned this Howard and into Larry you know power act Nam and soap heat. I'm in its start it's for personal inventory I have to figure out what my strengths parliament weaknesses where what it was all about who I was. Non activist and I think we have to have that grounding. I think we need to do that inventory so that we know how to grow we know what it. Financial goals are important to less we know what our possibilities might be better if we know we aren't. Are in touch with what our dreams and goals and nonfat stance is and we get to you know race we're not going to grow in the end like. Common a running theme 'cause when we had Melissa come Boson and she said the same thing first you have to figure out and it's hard to. To be self aware of what your strength sect has it feels a little. You know eat testicle hey I'm good at rates do we say what are we. Misses are that point I'm just really catch because here's a thing we can't find it. With our weakness as we can't ever make constrained to sit down and what they are going to be you know I'd not to miss cast back right we can't address a we can't I'm. Course correct if we don't know what we're not doing. Right you know I mean yeah so I'm and then it's not right Iran's I think that if we don't know what we're doing well we don't know how timid to overcome. And so identify a weakness is important and that also means that we identify who wheat web resource as we need to pull land so that. They either compensate for what we don't have they can complement what we don't have I'm so that we have a bid. Foundation OK so that's really important I think in the you know Wayne had it all along there's exit is filled with exercises in order to help people. Really identify all of the things about who they are we believe our hands yeah I guess it's just got a check it out. And says that's the beginning so we have signatory Capellas open communication. So I think everybody needs you know on a regular basis and that they and that communication skills and how to communique in it and if he fund that also know it's. How are they communicating at themselves. Which the negative toxin like what is. The innocent defeating attitudes that we get wrapped up and you know all those kind of thing that's all direct communication. People will respect you. They were cellular level of respect you have for yourself. So if you are not demonstrating let's say you're demonstrating and it continuum of one to ten if you're at demonstrating a ballot ace sat back. When eight let's say eight is to make it you know rounded off. People will meet to about halfway typically so that is there and treat you with the level of respect in about a four. I was at. Better and I. So by your communicating. How confident in my how clear you are in your messaging all of those kinds of things and that's directly related T you're earning ability. I will give me an example then how do you communicate confidently. Eat without sounding. Eighty Jessica. Apparently late Friday it is hard. I'm not so let me see tickets in the workplace because that's what we probably want to be treated with respect in the workplace right so we can succeed so you're walking in saying I noticed might not be my past work. But I really alliance news dis it give you an update about what we're doing. Okay well if you're timing that this is your best work how am I gonna respect why wouldn't you bring me your past. OK okay so it really has nothing to do with you being. About your eco it really has to do with your acts upon. None if you're apologizing costs there's a lot of people that are our guys are out there and I understand I am I a yeah. I'm sorry that the sky is blue today. IAE reading your luck I will it really pounded out how many times you say I'm sorry the most random train each patent that they are I can't. They don't so you upgrade but when I heard communicating that way to our clients to our. Employers to our customers you everything iron on the if we're constantly apologizing for something that we're not responsible for that means that we're. Feeling you know yeah where the out of there Reese what do we do they had a Demi and opened the door for me at at the mall the other day in a McKellen sorry let let's. I. So I don't do you know why would ride we get involved in doing rates there are some of the ways that we communicate our families think now we're all going to be paying attention by the way I'm sands are. At I'm even things like. If we don't follow up with people. Communicates sometimes are our lack of communication. Says a whole lot more about in the meanwhile Lisa de. That means so. You know those kind there's just there's so many ways that we need to look at our communication not to mention. If we're staying on message. And if for clear about our message because if we're not clear about what it is that we bring to the world what we opera whether it's a service products you know ideal whenever minutes. And if not clear about ink in our communication that then people aren't going to buy it is confused people don't cry. It don't say yes. So whether it however they interacting here. They're not gonna say yes to building a relationship with you miss you know if you started setting up an employment with me because you. And you tell me they you want to find out more about mine is Nestle or you know what it. My services I offer and then we get there and you start asking Hannity eight. Well yeah real intentions are good it was to date me. Not to sign out of our mind as he used that as safe so there's lots of different ways that we're communicating. How would. How do you communicate confidently when you're dealing with so much stress of finances. Or whatever it is in your life let's say specifically finances because that's daunting that's right it takes over your life for some people. It does and I've been there. I totally get that you know all of this is is hard won lessons right this isn't just you know book learning anything at this and this stuff I. Trenches. But what I found is that when we focus on what we don't have financially. Then that's what we attract. So I mindset of lack. And to sell its scarcity and so there's not enough money to go around so what constantly looking for how we're going to bring that but. Scarcity invite scarcity. That's what it is tracks so we're only gonna get more scarcity we're not gonna get abundance. So wet that the key to that is flipping that's rich and looking at what you already half and surrounding that with gratitude. Because and we. Abundance attacks abundance. And said and we get more because we're oddly grateful for me app. I'm OK and that I have to say is probably one and then the number one we use that I eight. It's flipped the switch that I actually started earning money. In my business because I was. Not looking for what I didn't have in searching out for ways to expand that at lack. I am when I was already grateful that I have an OK let's let's just deal with what you have and what are you gonna do with that. That things started really. That's a mindset we walked in no way a year and I think you did mention it in the book. Instead of saying it can't. Have maturity I can't buy that. I choose. I choose not to buy that today a kind you know. And then it's such a simple little rap sheets tweak I eat it makes all the difference is diets it does and so part of that cynnex partisan. And communication we going to tell me a great powers act NW is logged on boundaries so most of us struggle at best we don't know how to say. Know sometimes we don't know how to say yes we don't know how to set the internal boundaries to try not the negative mean downloads. You know we allow people that he'd get. Within our space when they don't deserve to be there OK then you know things like that and it's things like are you available tier clients 24. That's not OK there need to be boundaries set on your time. Are you overweight brushing their public. Well on this edit it right well I really think it's so cool you know we have an hour appointment schedule an illegal an hour and a half and were writing now much more valuable is that wonderful and now it's really not. Because. You haven't value your time that's a whole hour. That you're not giving to somebody else you can see more people and mark time if he you know I mean Seles you do it that way if you think about it that way it really doesn't serve me. CEO and not under attack payments at Andrea. And self care too is part of that is that as. If we're not. Setting them. This time to regroup to do our personal inventory to learn new skills to reach out to new people. Two and better ourselves and just to levers as and that means downtime. You know I I still struggling that you know my daughter's going off to college and and the past week I give really one NC have nothing to do with business. Because I was fun to spend time with her and that's it that's a self care items from me. There are twenty for seven after she leaves but I only had this week. Last hit you know really spend time with her hand. So I mean got self a decision and I put that boundary around we will serve you but I'm not gonna distribute this. And I'm OK with that. They're not okay with that then you know that's okay and then I think one of the most of carrying things we can do is teach tell. Others that we can't you know where our boundary is right now. Term and if they would choose to stick around rates if they don't well that's okay they were. Okay and then I pray at the top one yeah I and it's it's really tough I eat you know earlier in the summer I had an issue. With I was doing weight to Max it to transcend boundaries around anything and I finally set the boundary around this one client. I'm there was a huge amount of push back and it tore me apart I was like I cannot believe that I can't be everything to everybody. A seriously Sheila who do you think. Yeah I don't think we're supposed to pay or not it and then nine unending desire is OS there yet ready. And I'm I would love I would I cut my arm off and disappoint somebody writes so. I am but that's up countries you know I know that but I'm probably harder. And myself. Than anybody else will be. Which I think that hinders our success to I think we are a lot harder where our worst critic well and we get into that perfectionism. I am you know as a recovering perfectionist I ate or poorly. Get that we want to make everything look and we went instead go seamlessly we want to have them right messaging me wanna have to make connections we wanna do all these things. And nothing appears messy. Well that was one of the best things I ever did was let go of that perfectionism and embrace the SE because you know what life is eaten. Business is messy finances can be messy and that's okay. And there's nothing. And so instead of fighting that. And Merck and find with that and there all of that energy I was spending. Trying to beat her center appear Arafat. Kind now get to be mark creative I get to eat you ma I get to develop new products. So. It has might help me grows so much more because I'm OK with not being absolutely perfect because that energy. Again and that's slack because if I'm always trying to be perfect and I'm not appreciating me. OK IRA young again that set scarcity mindset because you're not enough. Yet that's cinematic struggles tamp down I am. Said too much energy and attention and plainly hasn't been meaning to work there go real hair I kid do any of the ticket would focus of the house is a disaster and I change my mood will change completely changed. And there are days where I'm like I got nothing done today. Business why is professionally and it move the now you elevate my game and I'll be counted it was two word of cleaning bathrooms tell me and it sounds pathetic. But you are so. On target with that because the next and part of the power acting in his. And if we're not willing to. And so you're having a clean area have for you to work and live and certain you know. Be with your family. Is absolutely one of the stats if you well to achieving power MIT get to Florida. I. IC I have a I know I had the room is a match I know I have a problem. But I'm gonna work through it what you than bitter rework the way I say it right he'll look much. I appreciate this. Disorder. I get that in general refocus my attention. And easily invite you made in the study's about him by a man about. Mean it well and I was any hum stage air and we designer for Larry I had that business for five years before I got into the Cotto really is an act and so. I come and it and that point of view as well sell. You know things like people don't honest and money I ending getting a chair that fits them and there. And ask. Rate they're working they're saying they're working at how many they're working at their dining table and it that chair is just kind of and cuffed and also making its so much work done that and it really doesn't. I am. It does not Wear it and so they get out and they have to lock ran after the dissenting house and in a load of laundry whatever. But it's really because their back is and capped well are there isn't comfortable because they're sitting in this and co chair. And so they don't wanna spend 200 dollars to go by and ergonomic chair that would actually you know but they're spending. Two hours a day of productivity timer and lack of productivity kind. I'm not it's. Working. Because there it's somehow okay alleviating the pain of an uncomfortable chair. Well as your billing it was say a hundred dollars an hour and you had ten hours a week that you are not working because you are. Preoccupied with this and comfortable chair you've just lost a thousand dollars. While a ten and we look at that hey if we're losing a thousand dollars a week that's 50000 dollars a year that were not it's bringing can't. Because we didn't wanna spend 200 dollars for not an amateur yeah it's an investment. You know investing yourself and your environment OK now I mean it's even things like OK not having a printer at the house and always printing Kinko's to let. You know staples or sentiment that okay well. Gas time time away. Having to you know it's your time management it's all thrown off because you have to do things some far ahead because you have to go back and pick that up at certain times and things like that okay. Well what would happen if he'd just invested a hundred dollars of the 200 dollar dinner honoring your house. Even things like if you're in your bed jamming is trying to Bassett the end of the day. And Euro walls are screaming orange or red it worry you know this electric blue that is. An energy like. Vivid energy. And you really able to test new inventions at night need to be you know not with your laptop there. Now we sure I got home office there you know those kind of things because that rest is important that him and but that is directly related to environment. You know Favre room is amassing millions sleep well. No no got downright eight so environments are big big part of that so. Outstanding glory. I okay and then the last of the our Friday so that's street famous actresses. Hate so we get to this night. How we react to situations. Occasion on this is a big one yeah this is really this is a big one especially when it comes to finances yeah okay and this is you know it all about this zebra I think great so you know everybody knows me as is even that's in my brain and for years and you know on that. And I am. But I was going to really hard time and I thought that that rock was coming towards me has backed into the corner and I didn't know how I was going to get out ice I. Literally said I have no choices. And when I said that a friend of mine's usually always have it's it's like nine Yunus in at this time I'm gonna get it and its stance. And then I started thinking about the choices at. And I actually diet and I became you know and I became a Victor in that and I and got myself and in that situation it was still painful. But I certainly. Came out. Winning and pain I am a couple months after that I read a poem by shell Silverstein and it was the thing about difference. And that moment when I got out of that they're coroner was the most empowering moment that and because I realize that I can't she's myself out of this situation it's happening. I get to each his name reaction in the way I react is going to change the course of my traction. And sell. Whenever the Amish also Christine he'd ask to devalue black with waste extra weight it acts in the deeper into with questions like why you meet with Heidi would edit you meet with something they just opulent meet me tell you. Good with bad habits are bad with inhabits and it went on and on and on and I am but when I realize that acting is easy for parents to decide aid. Earth to be a visual reminder that I have the parity to see and so. When we get to me saying that sleaze so you know it can be something as simple as I can't afford that. No I'm choosing not to investment money net. It's a very did as a much more powerful stance than I can't afford it because again where army I'm. When we have choices we have abundance if we get to choose between two different things as an abundant mines. If we're always stuck in that I can't or I'm not going to cry okay that's slammed its scarcity that's not gonna bring means I need to win. What do they say the law of attraction I mean you just send it out they're set the intention. It doesn't mean and I think the thing is that. There also needs to be a conscious choice to use the talents in a contrite we can't sit in the middle of our living and to the middle of our offices and take money com. We've been given everything we need to be successful. Its current ice to use what we've been given rate. That's a confidence is all about confidence is actually. And I did then that word history at that it actually cans in the Latin word content Geary in that means to trust. It doesn't mean self esteem. And so if we are trusting that we are always going to be support. And it doesn't always look like we think it's gonna right they think that we we all know that but we have what we need to serve I have. Each situation. And to eventually. And I know that because you're an hour talking. If we hadn't been supported in every moment we wouldn't be. So. If and if confidence is trusting that you're going to be supported not to me directly relates to our risk taking. Because I know they even if I fall flat on my face I am going to be supported so the filing. Doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to be mined them. I'm gonna learn something and I am going to be a look over. Because I have everything I mean and fully support it self esteem or any other. That silly if confidence is. Trusting that you will be supported self esteem is believing that you're worthy of the support. OK so when where I testifying if we have a confidence issue versed is a self esteem issue it actually changes how we approach that. And because if you haven't an issue with trust it's usually self judgment herself trust that we don't restaurant it. Am I made that mistake before so I will never make again. You know things like that so we have been hurt so I'm not gonna put myself out there to make different connections. You know things like that I eat. Whenever and that is directly to an impact after I took them. If it's a pretty in this issue. You need to. Overcome that it personally inventories to all those things that you are worthy out of success our team because until you address that we're a decent this issue he won't be a magnet for abundance. And and so it helps to define where the problem is because eight again I announcement has half the battle. But then you know where to focus your attention and says thank you can change the dynamic. May need to take the risks that you need to succeed. In taking risks are tough. If you are struggling with being a perfectionist. You don't ever want to allow yourself to file. But those are the moments we should embrace. Absolutely well every quote unquote failure is only at failure if you don't learn something. There's a gift wrapped up and have brief. But it's arts place to unwrap that gas and find out what it's. We could sit here and to say I just. Suck everything I get you know all of those mains or play the victim right ER I didn't do we ultimately blame and we added you know all of Afghanistan's or are. We can choose to say okay when Imus must learn from us. And if are you learn is that you don't wanna do it that way again and then that's okay it's a beautiful guest heads. That helps former us right and so but again if we look at it as a gift that's abundance mask your city. I'm not focusing on when I don't have her when I didn't achieve I'm focusing on what have I been given. And again at granite seed peace with that is here it's so it's actually really good for people. RT appeared to add. Failed because they can come back stronger we don't know what we don't know until. The but we have those moments right. And move was sitting in met in the book to you interviewed a lot of entrepreneurs in the book choices to changes. And it was Jeff Hoffman right now co-founder of Priceline. He said would he he he said failure was. Well he he appreciated night that Thomas Edison new. I not failed I just found a lot where. I am and allows him discovering new lady. And we need to learn from other people you don't watch and learn and yeah and pull what he canned from what other people I do mean. Says that we don't make those same I. He Tate used aboard the states because I think it there on discerning if you know and that's part of everything. Right now it's time for is the return on investment the lesson that we can take away enough the financial nugget or that the one thing that will walk away with today aimed like OK I got an implement this today okay and it's okay so there's there's a couple things I'm them all into one OPEC one as is knowing the difference of you having a confidence issue vs a self esteem sales are you trusting that you're going to be supported everything's gonna work out okay you and that's not being. Hap hazzard with our risk taking Nantz not chest oh well I'll be fine dollar tab in the end in timing and it's not about that doing your due diligence fray and not using my evening get. I am but it is. Being able to take those risks. If you have a self esteem issues you know if you're feeling like you're really not where any of this because he did this Romney did that Ron whenever. Need to address that issue because that's all part of our mindset moxie rang eight. And there's three things that everybody needs to be like to have in order to have. More financial success in life but nets as a business owner and employee whenever. So and that lands into our mindset actually need to be courageous minds that we need to have that ability to trust ourselves to make good decisions. So that we can take bigger risks and have a bigger chaos David day was one of the them. And ignores it says no great reward came at great. And so if you not the big deal if you let them you know the big chaos. They weren't go out on alleged and no they you know if you jump you're gonna be supported one way or the other. I think a lot of us have a problem with indecisiveness. Cats and now we need to remote for gas absolutely and indecisiveness is because there fear. A failing that fear failing bank. Or rejection and that leads a Santee we have to have trade sanctions went there and we need to connect with our biased since we need to. Connect with our clients our customers our friends and in their support systems if we're not courageous and you mean if we don't put herself out there indeed that. Then guess but if we're not authentic and are all of those things and emirates so striving for perfection. And we can't authentically connect with people. We're not gonna grow. And that's not gonna help us because. When I can get introduced to the people that I am going to hope this may be in better financial decisions. And make. The app and create opportunities for ethnic. I'm and then there's structure so we all means it is savvy structures so that we can. Being more successful. When things went how is it. Wade back land that first started out social media was not I think our anyway is not a popular thing nobody really knew how to use at. And so I kind of I had no money I know marketing budget I was building a business and I had no idea how to do it's I learned. And well one of the things was that I needed it. So I don't India out successful at it and is getting all kinds of national attention on Matt Kenseth as fantastic OK but. When I started doing this for clients. The first thing we do is make sure that there infrastructure was going to support turning in the water costs. Social media marketing it's because of their infrastructure wasn't. Shored up if it wasn't solid. Now than when people came to do business as and they were going to turn them away or disappoint them and it's really. So if you Wear it. Having podcast in your schedule and podcast up we forgot to put it in your calendar. And people were showing up at the studio on the timing and you where always behind the eight ball and people are fining him like gas and you announced any writers anymore because she next I was up by the time she never. A cake that's part of your infrastructure. Izzy you're calendar what do you know 48. You know so. Hum dad is all you know putting your systems together you procedures he's thinking about what happens with all of that you know different ends and stay committed. Surround your business stringer blame. In the U sending you are telling them how you like you know. Sheila Kennedy thank you so much choices to changes. And Jack you had it all along to books thinking gadgets then that's the thing you think you guys plus tab I think any thanks so let's. Right now that we have confidence in order let's get our work life balance in order. How many times have you static. There's just not enough time in the day there's too much to jail him that you struggled with that Jimmy Jay join us next weekend the seven figures I guess presented by family first credit in yeah. Thanks very subscribing and I iTunes Google play and checking us out of Rochester because Scott I reach out any time and Twitter at saint water's 92 hours seven figures piety and I ECD ever just a buzz factor protecting next week. Yeah.