Eddie Money in the studio

Friday, February 9th


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Yeah its. Thank you for coming NN. Rock gestures your second hometown I'd love this town it is great to win the Nobel watchers this. All the beautiful homes obviously a lot of homes built before Cora fumed idea now one big used to you know the waterfalls of the electricity is simply suddenly a religious goes around when that happened yeah I was like yeah. I developed as a player back into my grandmother loves you wouldn't. Yeah. Have no idea how I. Lawrence Welk orchestra different. Any money you are putting together is you wanna collaboration and your daughter here. Our gulf I wrote to play it's kind of like a Jersey boys the 2016. Is sure yet assured Jersey boys that are marked with the camaraderie did that he had most of what Jesus reminding me is being that I have a high school called grapes ripped. And equipped to police department who are play with Debra California that didn't work out the whole story. It's got lectured and of course in a Jersey boys frank you've rarely enforced that was to go to to a drug overdose right right and I had a joy over the drug overdose complete. How did you all DS and it was free any of the girlish. Got them. It's historic deal goes it goes into chronologically from when your kid up right now that will let you know what that was compliment ripped what was the company was in high school I wanted to go way along a twelve agent at them and Dennett one on the police bomb and a captain had a son and rock band. So let me growing along my father control of the year. And he was really to clean about me go on whale watching a quick depletion Obama and what that Californians and eventually got a record deal. In nineteen set in the late seventies and you know the rest is history and so cruel opinion in this noticed these special like twenty million dot correct its issues save the money you know. And rush functional shop double coupon at. So now this is all put together this could be playing in Rochester right Israel would do that. 10% of the right and what we are great chances. Great act as a lot of alumni from east minutes it's really a very excited about showing really. We haven't been in that area in a while the Kodak Theatre. Gorgeous and you may have really. Spent a lot of time on the detail and making it looked beautiful Villa and the bring a lot of great shows certain you what's the what's the political system as a musical right is his go to school to Dick's paradise it's got a lot of much older than got. Taking notes and added shaken that income below wanna go back really got to hold the army and either not to take its paradise. Lender or do you just like you know how sometimes you just spring in the song people just kind of you know and I have a good day they feel that they just start singing. You go back to your songs like me. A. Look it's a regular celebrity are originally it was over the radio were really jumping on to win. You know just Norman is there anything you do over is just like to a meet him in the and a home man. There's so much to ask in this so little time and I hope if you're in town you know longer may bring you to back in by. But you know when it comes to my ass tomorrow fear always your nemesis your rock and roll nemesis like came up with thirty specially came up with our dispute we're eager to rope would cause a stick circular opens if Peter Frampton have you get well you know I. All the guys yeah. Into the burn outs like Michelle. We can run in which other on the road you'll but it was great Israel lot of hits in back of the day. I mean this is video killed the radio star the virtual kind but the Internet killed a recording this for me that was yes that it puts CD plays and cause anymore. A lot of these kids that you think music's for free. What do you do together a great live show and you gotta be good I mean if you'll certainly it's on. This money he's got a great career ahead of him but he's not really as a lot of records right right because we do you think we'd be just the way the world besides. Additive it is I mean you know Charlie in Chicago and is basically is getting is getting stands and listen like you know like like who steal social media is what it's all about the station of the urge Europe used to performing still going around. Let's show this weekend that is sold out show Marco what do Las Vegas and discuss tonight. As shall Lewiston Idaho while trying to play for much elk and of what you most we could yeah. We're doing the shows on the weekends are successful comeback into the plate by a very very happy excited about player that likes or got a great cast them. That's some great chances the actors are great. Does replacement bar that usually Greg and I and his testimony over you they're LA. There's how did you cast you. We get a kid that was actually a pretty good singer and he or she looks like me as somebody found them and I was very happy with its forms rarely rarely. There's I mean there was more than one auditioned obviously. There was a lot of homework I would if any of those I missed it glad it did cause a probably what I experts could not. Wolf Frankie valley. Himself was very Indy ingrained in picking who's going to be Brian yeah version of Jersey boys and sauce you're just. Let's let the professionals do with their deal and or we what I did to play in low Ireland it was different but there were a computer Rochus to these people that the clinic at the famous at that. They know a lot about Broadway didn't have anything to. You know or concert you know of West Side Story Oliver stuff like that to the chase played around and they started that he elect starting with the local. Seem a little more half to make when it was one of my terrorism effort African but it never did it live from the federal research we found out of sorts of people really liked about that he money. So it should be if that's if you will is that the story I think a lot of people wanna your whole story of a lot of things they care about it every Super Bowl commercial we just all is this story and attached to the beginning and go with it and edits an interest extort two army managed and I've stayed true to emotional a lot of records unfortunately. I did have a drug overdose of me this fan at all. Which actually killed Tom Petty royals friends I mean his back and you have got to think about in days it. I do structural these parents are losing kids are all over the country now because drugs Jamie and and now it's evil and scary here because now it starts has just routine pain medicine and I cannot control it and get it right the you know brought out in medicine cabinet right now right. And money thanks so much man thinks to make it right we'll let me tell you guys are great they're serving on the come down as she did show. He dressed and angles here. Thank you your you and show how do we get tickets. Any money musical dot com or rapid theatre dot org. Inky wrap up theatre dot order Eddie Money musical that's a great job thanks for having me I think sentence command you -- before your yacht Tommy give directly into help us kick off that we can theoretically you're adding I don't. It. Yeah. All right yes to round. Finding it is the yet really. Tim adverse credit union new. Yet every instance. Morning goes CT. Pledge Eddie Money musical Don. It starts on the ungodly midnight Wednesday it was Thursday night sounds good right you're not good especially. Did you. Very strong on the buys you guys have a great weekend thanks anybody had about a manager guys are always seem to take its apparent i.'s business has got to be on right up where you.