Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries with Erica Cummings

Friday, June 12th

The money we're spending at the grocery store is pretty alarming, especially seeing the prices on meat products spike these past few months. 
It's something we've been dealing with the past few months and unfortunatley we'll have to continue paying more for certain items for quite some time.
But are there tips to save money?  Of course there are!
CFP Erica Cummings is on the show again to give you some easy ways to save money on groceries. Plus, we talk summer school.  This is the perfect opportunity to continue the homeschooling (because you've been enjoying it so much I'm sure) teaching your kids valuable money lessons.
We'll give you an easy lesson and way to teach the kids.

We truly hope these spidoes are helping you.  If you have any questions just reach out sandy@rochesterbuzz.com
Plus, for those of you who just paid off a bill, we'd love to have you on the air with us.  We'll help you celebrate!