Do you know where the main shut off is

Tuesday, January 9th


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I'm not an alarmist but I am alarmed. Right now. I'm I'm actually I can't wait to get home and checked this. Because certain freak me out Simien and a bustier and sandy cold weather has gone 33 degrees almost thirty yesterday right. Yes it was 38 at the point where I. Documented my notes for the judgments on our lives who has exactly thirty degrees. It's in the news over the news I mean ahead don't lock go. The other day. That JFK airport the other day. It's the bursting water pipes. I have a spigot in the garage know I need to check that. I mean I need to get in my basement I'm speaking out back to. And those are possibly. Know definitely didn't have exposed. Bursts buying now here's what happens it freezes you want those pressurized and only thing that really does freeze I mean. Most common is your. Domestic water systems so goes the copper pipes without the blue and red pipes in your basement if you have plastic water lines. Arm the press Tressel freeze because obviously when frozen water freezes expanse gets bigger and it's strong enough to break through the copper and and you have a problem that. It's when he gets former fans that. Frozen water that vacate ice melts and now all we have a wide open gap in your pipe and wastes town or city water pressure. Pouring out at a so this is when you'll notice it. So Graham today. Yesterday today as it warms up and again the frozen part of your view on the big chunk icing your pipes thaws out so now we're now and the clear yet. That was what the mag rally proof cocaine meth and happened 42 tomorrow fifty's yeah Thursday oh yeah here's what what's his name Steve. On he's a plumber here Steve the plumber in town OK Steve yes he's the former steep terrain out Tirana. Said. The news yesterday about it. Lot of pipe trolls have first. And nobody knew about it until the next day got. Thirteen inches of water and basic problem when I call like last night told my blood clot. And enough wolves and some 30 this morning and probably continue right on through the night. Water heaters that will need to be replaced him if we can't get firmer some reform and possibly. Floor motors. The furnaces and most of whom are just a simple. Break somewhere that people are aware Wilbur Wright and I guess the best thing to do just make your basements. Protected from the element as much as possible. Can you comment on this. This happened to me now mark brewer not a broken. You know frozen pipe that thought. But I had flood on the first floor into my basement when and a washing machine most corrupt. Hand. It was twelve hours is gone. And I decided that I could go moments ago drug rockets and errands to guard him or one in the afternoon right. And my garage door would go up when it's weird. I'm taken denied any urge Jeannie built corset and ultimately what's behind this or probably not sort of check at a and this is yes of this is this is divorced got right. Sort go egg and I never go in my front door is going through grudge opened up my front door. It's flat on my back as they slipped in the foyer because there is two inches of water mind. Money I had to. Like what are going. Up and ran into the the long bureau here. Would that. And underneath my countertop and underneath. Sync it which is where that the hoses when and and that might. As I I went to Turkey just temporary off right above the cutoff there. The handle broke off in Miami and this is like oh god is designing her YouTube this that it went viral I looked. Slipped and slid around the corner to the to the you know listen to living room right. I'm sure into the kitchen. I like oh my god and I pulled the basement stairs as the opening of the water going down this stuff was not a a war at all why I slid down the stairs and before I. I went to that you know return to court about the stairs and it's right there I went like this because there was. A foot and a half. Water in my basement I do you think now I'm like am I gonna get. And for instinctively I just dove into the water and ran over to the caught off did the main home caught off. And twisted an ankle and it is easy it was. News of the world war. Artists that ski ever feel just like a fire escape plan. Everyone in your house you know where the main water shut off and secondly how many houses have been two to do handyman stuff. Where I ask for the main as they side tickets or he the call my husband or my life or not I'm like holy crap. That's your last was that's your last hope for all of yourself by getting grow until today and go for more. Chillier kids. Because they can do anything bad to it the worse it could have does that is set it up and yet in the water who go attack happened and Rebecca and the company that. At the second podium places are right and everyone should now. Where the main set up everyone in if you are familiar turn it is has been doing plumbing. With his family since he was like yes so loud and shut up a lot of mean. Bottom relentless just like his. Albert doll here when I see the solar FaceBook everybody posting this article I'm like OK we should talk about that on the shelf and I and I'm like OK average comic view how do we talk about a hat we inform people only. I am so jaded because this is this was always good news in my house. All got stats right. This is always good news writes hurricanes Cummins it's yeah right you know this Christmas is going to be great judge. Yes it is wise of him with full tilt with plumbers my step dad you know and they'll all his friends works for him in Iowa from when I was old enough. I knew public that first big purchase was an Xbox. On Xbox-360. Years ago at. I was able to buy it myself because of Hurricane Floyd down injured all night. I got paid so much money to work at my dad for a whole night in this in these conditions. Haiti like a percentage or her job or on the SE I had 700 bucks from like water two days of work. Selena queen you say hey everybody take care of your water pipes and make sure you know where the main shot office in reality yours again. Please be his dummy you cancer you'll be calling me had the. I don't do it anymore. And on. Nowhere and he must have full time should it happen. I was and my instinct is this is Allegra Obama and things are like. It's so bad. So it's whom it is believed to be combatant about the Odyssey guy water damage against us is almost lose employer because it's the everything's there and can I just killed can't. All just got those Rubbermaid containers of potter thing and that right. Will be to their first what my second flood. After twenty. There is us in the first time he decided to try. It out again and cherished the second time calculus three after the second time with a French drain out. The pressure is under your storm. Hello. Checked out. Yet check valve right. Blue route literally blew out in I don't know I am running downstairs and so we are dead seeing this slight like. Publicly giant clam shell like this bark coming up from the the boot that. You were there that's some pompous. It was like the swell of water like a wave all night like it was like a meniscus desk up. What this like something was trying to push is Rick it is all water is coming it. When you guys on. Rubbermaid containers are fantastic right just yet where the sun is the main shut off just a nature works and exercise it every year meaning turn it off enough. Just don't use rubber. I don't say this because they float but guess what they also flip over when they go off balance and well off yeah. 200 bucks in Rubbermaid containers floating around and they're going as I walked down in the head into the into the basement there I can flip it over the flip it over my. Nobody gets my shirts Rollins. Yeah. Plus.