Do you hear Yanny or Laurel

Wednesday, May 16th

What is he saying? Yanny or Laurel?

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A big dogs today and tell all your friends. That where we are now back to a friend's. Member taken about three years we finally have an equivalent truly worthy successor. To that stupid. Photograph. Of what color was the dress. Remember was in black and some don't golden grass or blow right betcha mean that's all yeah hurt my hadn't yet. And because then if it does try to force myself to look at the dress the way other people saw it. In Munich could and it hurt ticket that this is even more delicious. Now why Dallas and yeah. What you hear to YouTube by this call us right now and tell us what's new here. What you here Sammy. We do me and Johnny. When you hear yeah I mean. Danny how they don't need any you know I hear Laura you rise floral. Hero moral. Saying. So here's our many late and EU. Ullman and crazy isn't your talking on Monday night fashion designer named Corey Feldman tweets out a video. Where computer generated voice says one word. And the word is either yeah I mean or laurel yeah costs he. It's laurel aside and say what you hear this is your by slicing clear say say what you think you assess I look at the nanny me. Say twice like the clip athlete. Yeah I mean. Yeah I mean. Tell us second now on a play you what you just said bash okay. From the recording instead of your lives Michael Barrett illicit. Yeah I mean. Yeah I mean. Okay and a pen and they hear when that window at what you're saying that sounds like that's. On the same visitors say. You are and drug just more than all we know the coliseum. Just reread your guy and there's a delay yeah the young kid in the room service to hear correctly how I hear the word right in you just kind of bias. Good morning and. It Aaron. I would limit what yeah what do you hear. Are your moral as a moral we're gonna do you laurel and noticeable. Yeah. Yeah. I'm listing here and moral the moral. Is something typically it's. Yes you are to Dubai is when you hear you here Yoni. Somebody has to hear ya I think the mind clearly feel like I'm Alaskan you over it. This yeah I mean yeah. Yeah and I need sounds like this yeah yes. Probably each other. And it's that same. Day so yeah it's less than there is on the exact same assailant who hears the army to do to bus yeah. Right. And Avandia it's kind kinda has the ability to play kept the camera editing yeah right now so I can prove a point here that I am right I am. But you're saying puzzled I was. It's pretty clear that they're sending that in this same. Even in flash like everything about I think in nailed the computer Reuters bull for getting nasty. Yeah. And I thought I. It's easy but glitzy. He is fantastic the buys what you hear. They're so high when you hear. I hear morrow. Okay. We don't hear you I'm no matter and. Having sandy he is is never are like yeah Arnie at all. Here's all here's Allison who who yeah. It's telling you man is its only TIP. Andre Osce laurel and you're 1230. Yeah hey. Okay it's completely different. Just did it looks I can tell you know. That's yeah. How how does this work possible how these two words that are completely different sound this scene it's it's. I don't know if anyone else here is. Yeah I mean. Do you call this opportunity to Buccaneers that's not what assess. Yeah I mean. Yeah I mean. Yeah I mean any all of us understand you now is oh my god yeah. According to a poll 50%. Of people said they heard yeah of course they're okay 36%. Heard moral. Say. Okay we're in the majority of what happened to the other people apparently this this past all you do with audio frequency it was only 80% words well. 13% here both which. So what we tell us you can do that optical illusions if you look at it you know if it's is it a lady with a beer Gore's a man's I Arizona. I kind of looked at it different ways and see bolt but this is I can't believe seeded I didn't think that test with your voice recorded. In the seamer co owner if you record. On a second let's do this next break and yeah yeah and Yoni down at the same and the same it would be same equipment and see if you hear two different things on the same thing. We have that we as well as Germany with the raw all of these variables here this year Yani or laurel you calls into future buys finally the worthy successor to address photo. Really weird because it hurt when you that I Li Li every with Nancy and I'm like Yani you eat anyway. Then expect I when you can edit app or you you know reported hurt. It sounded like Laura and I hate it that got me back and. All right our mandate here every other dad. Iron Man being striving to hear Laura I he would he can you just try to Erie on his like again I tried a bit. If I would be the beginning I did not hear Lauro off like Donnie but now I ink or Yani it is. Sherri brain. This is gonna annoy the heck out of us all eyes now all fifty and you are not going to change your excellence in the buzz through this before BP. Ali ideally I don't hear it I mean it's getting ready so frustrate like I am almost ready to un friend you because. I mean I feel that these young kids holiday in there is no other word that comes out of debt computer generated voice. And teeny. Little black. Do you remember when they try to explain the dress thing. It was about the cones or and in your eyes see you know that that how you see color and that kind of thing. And maybe it's the same thing with hearing. This EU legitimately hearing laurel yes I don't know repeat it right yeah you did IRO act. Yeah. Laurel now says there's no I hear laurel. Weird to Dubai is making me question every word we say here. Everything we so when you're husband Mike says hey I didn't hear you saying that and maybe legitimately he did you hear your favorite apps that would solve a lot of pretty good kids to look here at the time I'm here. I don't know Billy or something now the full breakdown of this is armed if it okay here's our works. In this disease you'll behalf. Happy to hear this sandy okay and is to explain I need somebody please because so far nobody has heard Yani I need somebody any fellow Yani fans to call up. A pick. So I don't feel like Amundson had to do an audio frequencies. And and maybe we can get to the different sounds and the frequency spy. Younger people are more likely be here. Yeah I mean. Because that is coming from higher frequencies you can still hear higher for these. It's also more likely. Yeah and eat in bad speakers because you don't handle low frequencies like if you listen to it through your cell phone. It would sound bite you and me. Lol I dozens stuck and the fact that you Chris got into any eight years so. About 2929. Into the urine test. You've failed miserably like I did so this is this is good this feels so good now they do brag all the time honey you're young and young you have energy and I happened and where and that night I. I was at us and listen to this shell hit the. Calls on this you hear Yani I'd advise you what year. Iberia I mean yeah you will think yeah. Here we are raw. What's in those cereals you made this morning I saw an accurate color until that coffee. I don't drink we want you do anything man. And I make a joke about that. Yeah yeah. Yeah I'm all yeah I catch all you are not crazy thank you very much to the lady who doesn't eat or drink anything. Yeah thank you another call on the buzz did you do buy is ninth page. When you hear. I cannot look like I am getting the break about it I'm the world I'm minute there I let it hurt our. I. You can only here work out. Really. Once funny. There's this it might it does depend speakers and your age which ranged in age I mean yes he is overnights technically but I just clearly a change much this. This is the generations topic what's your age you what do you hear her. I. Don't want yeah. Do you have the pitched one there are we okay now articles in this. This is the that one word yeah laurel or Yoni pitched in a different frequency. And doesn't change the you know. Ollie says yeah I hear you I hear you and I hate Yani there it's down like a 30%. Here I think Yani Yani. When he here on the phone we have. I I heard anything. Yeah the other way are all pitched up 30%. Well. We're laurel did you hear a lot. It's freaking we. Let's go to flavors and down by 20% Jake you don't eat. Yeah. How well that was yes we're dining I mean I got in there that's all 20%. We let. If you hear law. And not. Even. Think Yani at the Acropolis one of the best concerts ever fuels about four young children and unease over and gates is it oh yeah. Yeah. Hopefully this we with our production director here at Hendrick comes names moral. It's sort of player who should play that for laurel and she was huge because I think. Yeah.