Day 16 Buzz 30 day Kindness Challenge

Friday, November 17th


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Here it is 99 goodbyes and good morning. George Sheldon. Jungle yesterday. A lot of top farm. Kindest comes in all shapes and sizes I guess people aren't the only ones that need kindness animals need kindness to. Hold your breath it's a lot of work to be content to be trying to an animal. My shoulders are solar. My heart is sort. Now I go along Bob doing a lap and not try to not think about bringing home an animal I know it made it. All that is that game you have always said I don't get it. And gave you pet owners who chilly here animals like fur babies. Your cash do you think you narrowing and a little. Softer side to animals and. Not soft but soft there you're right I still unlike. Like no other people that would violate those huge lake lake. Bob is a great guy over lineup since branded check just to just happy to be there. But like when he goes and sees the animals he knows everyone by name. Palace those are we doing. All sewers are going to be my guy guys don't get that part but like I held Leslie Katz unlike. Or did you back in this case it's like I you along. Little little bit a little bit you're right though I'm still like I don't get the whole treating their animals like for a person. I know I thought I was gonna break down blue wall there but no I'm just I have your own and is not an animal person like that. Eight you know I I was Vinny there. You have to do get. An animal a cat but it's not yours mean you that's what it is a step cat unique. To get your own little. On there remember and then you feel like only Danny Gainey you'll be carried out there around your head why wouldn't they let her listen earth I've known her for twenty years no no no longer. I and my dog more than the rest of my chills. You wouldn't. You were up. Than that no pets and forget about Adam I think bird once in a flew away and edge and dagger thing. For years and years and years and and I would go through animals dogs ferrets all kinds of crazy animals. In just. And she goes I don't care I don't understand you guys are right here right item is never the animal known once you once they they hook here either buying blue wizards. No it wasn't even the mega animals right so we did the we did a lap like the left everybody can do ally about armory a ticket for dogs to cats the rabbits and birds everything you do it fatigues and a indoor barnes' home. Announced on like not so much doing. I mean the cat kind of help the campers or her mind. I mean this is this is a fire simulator. But when we got in the back room now the back room is that. Entry. Level for when they come from wherever they're getting rescued. So that's when they get old herbal behavior tests yeah UCL. Damage they are wrong on their good win fairly good with just one person at a time really good with children and my dad was either of those options down an intellectual OC like. This dog that is just either depressed and laying there or. Scare to where every leg is is shaking and that's the one that those are the ones that got normally. Mike I get it man we both came from a broken home. I feel you and Billy goat and I mean he had shipped off and put into words who crave it like you know that the audio and now. Brenner I feel understood how nice so it's not your fault but that's where I started to get a leg bones are dwell upon like man. And that's sucks that like that's that he could you know idea what's going on right now even though I know that it's an and the great. You have no idea what's the ball far and that's what hurdles she now this is all. Part of the thirty days of kindness. Don't view that challenge right the challenge that you're doing a dead after tennis every day for thirty days so you you actually went out just to volunteer yeah. The game volunteer for two hours. And except volunteers at you know happen at any point yeah. Those hard work man I was. This is gigantic training room where it's basically the gym for dogs I think you can bring your dog from home some of the dogs that he did training our ally pop going there but it this thing has that I walked in and unlike. Though politically the trigger on like this is the cleanest drivers ever seen in my life like. It all of all the rooms I've been in in my entire life if this were right here's the cleanest and she's a known and unknown unknown amount. You gotta go vacuum every inch of this because of allergies and and Danbury dome which pets are allergic to which they use or whatever I. Oh yeah sort of vacuum every square inch I had the pleasure of vacuuming. Square inch and then going back in mopping. Every I mean this thing was this rumors she was a ghost goes to get elementary school gym sides while I acknowledge if you locked in and said something Billy the time. Stimulate the is hard labor it was sat. I didn't realize how much work goes into taking care of animals you. Fuel has taken animals home from Molotov arm. Lincoln Jim of all the ones a year in scene yesterday which one would you have chosen hypothetical. Anyone in the bathroom. Definitely because I want it I want it I want an underdog. Don't fit there was little dog that was I don't know what. What breed it was but it has like a big lake lines mean looking tape firm and small dot. And jump jump jump might have been his name is full or well that's great that's a great game for I think those simple name for dog the the little dog lines mean looks like I think drug Chris Hemsworth scare in the movie or force hair in the movie Thor so I got on. As lol like bangs at the bottom Michael leveling a vampire. It's so she did it a little while with no I didn't and now I'm still not into an animal person like at what is Klestil and plus I'm a softening as an animal person but I'm a little more. Compassionate to. Those especially those underdogs that come in the spread the first stage. And our annoy you it's dormant freaking out so Lulu viewing them yeah he did. And I know you win gonna I know you waited on the front Stoops first couple hours and then never showed up his own. That does probably had a dad biffle that concert. Then concentrated yeah. So grateful that that's. The mail on the things people they see the people life tough for having I was going.