Couple having sex stops tennis match

Wednesday, April 19th


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Yeah. The question is what's what in erupted that tennis match yesterday. You've seen in the past where. Is Saddam. I think the latest one I've seen when they interrupt tennis matches and is the squirrel. His score on the court it's like the cat that was on the baseball field I think that video is going around Brian. We assume an animal was at this time well first of all your listen 99 buzzed and sandy were FaceBook live in this morning there was a cougar this time sandy it's just that if I'm the squirrel or add though that with the cougar in a minute Jack rabbit initially I thought well while this is story. Odd John in Sarasota they had that these are sort of open is going tennis match. Between a couple of guys and all of a sudden. Everybody stopped and started snickering and then it got to the point where it's Bo duke players could even play. I have the audio to go listen. Once again. Love this team through your looks in the background as an opponent deficit situation. I still hear it. It's still going to. What he's going to admit I. Thank god. A it was in erupted because subset of sexy sounds coming from somewhere. Like there is where well at first they thought that someone was playing a video on the phone owners something all but we admitted yeah. How did and you you righty and then there late to nickname for Wednesday's sandy. Yes it's about a call Wednesday nowadays. My my my my my my guess woods. It is. And. That it's getting there's a tennis match gun which says tennis matches having Paris next to us analyze wanted to be an announcer for a tennis match who. And you hear this snowing is it it was that loud and. That these stopped the match as well as being so the guy who's dominating his microphone was picking up the sounds of a couple. Yeah starring macaroni and cheese I. Under sticker kick a way to bigger cut a way to like a mom and her kids and our hands over his ears so what ended up being is that. There was. Our vehicles title inland lakes like little like big pond. Earlier who's an apartment. Or house across the way we've its window open. And for every one year. Just one more time. I wanna do an analysis once again I love this team Kruger. Penn State opponent because their situation. You know that's an old tumble right you know it's a young couple right. I still here it's and it's still going. Do you think it do you think it's an old couple are young couple that clearly. Old couple. When you're young you always have roommates around you right. When your parent. In the middle realize if you have kids you have to beat Miami news thing in art of being client. You don't put it really all got make him the kids are out of house and no room mates and you just. It's just relief. Had to be a young couple had to be young couple tumble as it you wild and high over what Muller hybrid you wilding your free and you don't care and you don't care one is it's all about you. You'd leave the windows. You're more of you look at more risk taking you like to do it in public places sometimes in and backing cars. Young couple go in young guy old woman. Cougar style lost it yeah personal it's Florida. So that being the kind of thing to happen now narrow line and right. The sugar Mamas are today but the real housewives of Sarasota yet the company's patented hybrid on spike TV and I live legitimately. Important. Com. Because then and now she's okay it's always the woman that it is more. Evil little hole via local is bad guy that's she I don't know I don't know but I gotta tell you ladies sometimes it's distracting. It's too much trying to feed them the whenever I think. Especially OK not to get too raunchy here but it's usually when you do it in a rhythm building. We sometimes do it failed to make you feel don't actually know home outlet now. That giggle and I'm I'm kinda it's just it's distracting so cl yeah I can had a degree and doing errands going specifically into what are we doing is you can't. Dolly it's okay let's go wild you kind of need to show your appreciation against the but the the a lot of talk about this might he do it like. I wanna do it but if you do elect to relate to almost like compete and I there's a good chat until it right don't do that yeah. If they a bustling and they discuss it in that rhythm. I'm not gonna make and it is but yeah. His health conscious now when it comes to camp where we're Dillon read could be self conscious during that that would be deal breaker for me. To vocal this they shut up already and guys tonight on the deck hood. Richard make you feel now this is how we know your faking it so we did art takes all of its axis it takes it away for months to consider that you just exaggerate if you took fancy dinner heady years kind of like somewhere in the middle slot for up in a pony tail but it's done right. But if you go to like a ball you give it to you again okay so I'm gonna treat you like we're at the bottom pony tail. I'm not at the ball but I am. Going to a fancy dinner right so Michael do you handle all might do in your at the pizza dinner idol you are the most gorgeous. Just. Mind blowing woman I've ever seen in mind and hides his breath taking your ass from a hole and I did for all of six and a straight bull crap and hopefully you guys at a certain your ego is especially durden had. At a certain point going to be okay stop just enough that you did you're two you're going to you're going overboard when you're going overboard like that then that's yes it stops matches. We don't doing here and boom boom those rural and was not good. Do it for you never know you're having sex of baby Huey had. Oh yeah. Do not bad but it very easy egged I. Caddie for them by some good work dome over the degree to produce that yeah. You can ask her.