Continued conversation: What you need to know about Self-Direction for the Developmentally Disabled

Thursday, November 23rd


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Think you again for joining us it is neighbors in need I am seawater using and enjoying that mean against a day kind of a continuation to our conversation from last week as the green and a time I green at Bayer's thank you are being in again. Thank you for having me and so the focus is self direction for the developmentally disabled and I feel like bases. And very important topic is dat. Keeps moving forward. Forward in the right direction as far as taking care of those individuals who have developmental disabilities. And egging you were saying I read these you live this adored daughters Lindsay is on the. Spectrum and for segments at the age of five right Lindsay is now 26. Years old so you fought every battle there was to fight. You we're the first local fi only to bring a service dog in the school more you know I was anxious tech OK the fact that I was the second but in the first in my school. Okay all right and that was a battle that you really did. I mean you were relentless I remember the news coverage I guess is yes and now all because you broke through that. Awkward uncontrolled what does it what would you wanna do you and bring a dog what now it's no big deal I correct. So you're gonna continue with that passion and your advocating for her around and other families who are in the same position that you are. And catches up on this self direction the new wing a of taking care of those with developmental disabilities. So on the old model was. You know. If you wanted some supports services for your disabled child or adult child. On you leg look around go to agencies to see what they had to offer. And even if it didn't quite fit you would put them there because there were no other options available. Today with self direction. The premises. What is at the individual wants and needs are. And and then you formulate. Though supports and services that they would need to follow their interests their streams their passions. So it's creating. Aid program. For than. Not just fitting them into an existing and really developing a program that's going to nurture them and support and on. And that's the difference in south direction and what. I've known in the past his agency supported. Op programs. People are agencies. Being proactive with this new way of thinking yes there. Okay they're realizing that this is the trend on Medicaid is on eighteen the dollars that way on a huge rate that it had huge went. And and there's more of a press to have. On the disabled individuals out in the community. We know that institutions don't work on people with developmental disabilities just don't. Flourish in those environments so having them out in the community with us is really where they do best and they grow. No desist or from this rule system or are you this starts in the schools since a kind so when when the children and school. The parents can starts after action and so it starts that early without action. Okay so enough appearance as well of course this sounds the sounds like the right fit for my child if if the program is catered to their individual needs. What does a parent do had to restart so on apparently content that are Medicaid service coordinator and I can't say I'm anxious and so after action for my child. And then advocates are scored Nader went and fill out the proper paperwork to have them go through the front door process which is. A process that. Will then determine if they're Medicaid eligible. Tom and then. Yet after they do the front door process no matter medical Medicaid Allen's bone. And non European assessment on and then to determine what their needs are. I'm kind and that cost an assessment also tells them how many hours they have to work with and their budget. Which then would help determine. What types services they're able to afford. On in net but. So the Medicaid. And repression now. They should now make a rash just like a no brainer once you. Bring it up down yet no India they know what the processes to get the person and approved for south direction. And on and also do is that. Okay. In the school systems specifically. Is there obvious changes that have been made when it comes to the south direction. Is it out a way of learning or is it integrating them into the classroom do you notice a big change there that we can speak of have. There is a case by case. On in the school system this school is responsible for the child during the school day non self direction would augment. On the what the person needs outside of school so that would. All can't dance services outside. I cited the school day so would be eat beans and also weakens. Okay and then carrying and throughout their lives correct OK so once the once the person ages out of school who. Than that self direction would expand. And provide services during the day for them. Oakmont could they would want it going to school and anger on so self direction is really all encompassing for their entirety. And could. And now how do you fit in to us. So. So my daughter Lindsay. We did we initiated self direction with her and we launched our her budget act in September of last year. And she had been she graduated or aged out of school in 2000 and now. I wasn't comfortable with putting her in a group home. I just didn't feel that it was a fit for her. So. A group homes now changing the way that they. Operated as well with a self direction you feel like they're still a little behind and there are some catching up to do well I think group homes. Our group homes on and that they're certified settings so they are regulated by state law. So they have to run a certain way I can because they're certified in. On since my daughter has moved out of my home into an apartment it's considered an uncertified and OPEC are not certified. So there's a lot more flexibility. And how they act. OK fighting is Ryan. Okay and that you saw more fit for ice on an I Islamic benefit from Lindsay and the group home. On in the not certified setting. We're able to hire own stamp. On we managed the stance so she has a choice and who works there she is a choice on any decision. As to how she runs her date would be. On instead of the group home Winger. This is what you need to do yeah on and she is a choice as to where she wants to go on mountain community. With her community abilities and Stan. Where is in a group and you go if you go regardless of whether you Monaco because every when he asked ago. M I'll go there is there really are big differences between I'd forces not in. Okay and now you play a role because year helping the families. Figure out. Who to contact him which services right so so way. I was just really. Amazed at how way down south direction worked for my doctor. That I side. You know I would really like to help people. Find the same thing for their accounts. In May not look exactly the way. It is for my daughter but something that would work for them so that's way back and be a broker. And and in my real goal is to find families who. Really need help him find jeans that. Leanne in implementing the plan that would work for them and their disabled the in its nice to know that you lifter at Houston when you're hoping the Stanley news you get it you understand. Fair. Frustrations and the stresses on the family. Yeah and I think our ultimate goal as a parent and I think it's a goal that every parent hands you're tenth. Is. You mind your account I'll be totally independent view. So that should anything happen to you and okay. And that's really the goal. Were hurt for my daughter to be as independent as possible and realizing shall have limitations because of her disability. But to have those supports in place. That. When anything happens to me and she's. And this close every little detail from budgets. Two daily activities correct a budget daily activities and really creating a support system. On that as backup after backup after after. Which is really important. Nationally she feels so good knowing that OK she's okay yet and it and not quite there I don't have to back ups. After back to back ups but I know eventually I will get there a cat and I think that Tim knee is really important. Is knowing that she'll be taken care of I'm when I'm no longer here. Now what is our first step if we have a child earn adults. In that we're thinking about the self direction is the perfect fit. Now what. I'm zags going to Medicaid kind standard Medicaid service coordinator OK on in the Medicaid service coordinators are trained in south direction. They know paperwork needs to be filled out the start the process who the front door on having the assessment to the GDP to it's important. And then filling out there's another. Requests for service men. On that needs to be completed and sent to the low com. Lay's and that's the south direction please. And once that approval comes through and they're approved for south direction. And then after their approval letters they're they're ready to. Find their broker. An anchor urged them to news. Interview. Personally interviewed people as these and people were gonna be working with them which are some interview question would it would do some things that we should come any plans if you. Many south direction and men. Like. What types of services. You know about. And what kind of cases if you work done. On my caseload currently is from the very disabled to an individual who tries and has so. You know and I have children and adults so I have a wide range of Klein's primary. On so so really you know what your experience and are you willing to look at I. Because of lack of things the purse purse person center planning is not doing what's mainstream it's really doing. What's going to work for the two men in it may not be what I'm ready access. So you're always carving new path. Where these individuals. And it's. And really looking outside the box what's being offered in creating. Creating a Levine word. On. Working environment and it's going to meet in person. In their brokers is with someone you can trust me man I feel like is just a natural fear. Of any parent. And I trust you I mean this is my child Manchester with my child so that broker aids. We're out we you know my interest is to serve the individual so I'm going to do what's best for the in that. In if I can't you know I will elect and now I'm not able author. I will be up front nine and I think debt is went through brokers. In near big bear throughout Ian it in. Where they're from the start of the planning process open to win the plan is implemented. We help them in nineteen individuals that support. On the disabled individual. To helping them with all the paper and there's paperwork. And Shiller yeah. Where do you seat because we have made strides since Lindsay who is five. With her first diagnosis and now she's 26 where you CS in the next ten years or word you hope to see us. I think you'll see that. You know you know Ana and starting to see it now. You go to wegmans and icy some individuals appointments that are just in long rumored. I think you're gonna see them more and more I'll make me. Which is really great yeah. So so I think that's what we're gonna see in the future they're just going to be in. All around. And that hit him and went on I mean thank you so much for everything that you're doing for other families. And tell Lindsay least that I. Thank you very much. And well.