Christmas Traditions around the world

Wednesday, December 6th


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Lauren spaz errors every year study nine abuzz the participants. In Germany. Apparently children leave a shoe outside their door morning when their way cannot. They're gonna find me there issue films suites. In another culture that doesn't demand mother tell me she used to do this I feel like I've heard sapped of. Why aren't Europe so on and then some some darned if your naughty child knew. You find a tree branch you you're sure all the elite and I want. I wanna tree branch and my kids cleats because they stink that make them smell that is a pine trees and pine needles it's important to bring an actress every game to get those claims to smell bad. Now Adams Morgan. New cleats. For Christmas theme among. I don't know did you or did you and your mom have they're being from Italy and stuff you have any other weird they felt great in it's changing now you know because it's. You know westernized a look at our fight. It is really due to big to do with the Christmas tree whatever it was dilemma is trying to so. I don't know like a lot of trauma it's it's I think Christmas like scared bubble mentality and their Santa Claus but it's really bloodbath and a I think it would it was somebody Italian tell me I think she's been. Christmas for pictures something the chris' weight I don't know it's a way it shoot I don't know who she is she's just a lot of trying to. It's old woman who delivers gifts to children yeah route Italy on it continued east OK all you got thank you and that's in January right yes the fast. Act. I'll maybe that's where this unpopular and belief is that her name dives. From the feast of epiphany or in Italian love fest on delicate. And media. Are. And goes on from there she's really ugly look into now lake she'd like. It's their lifestyle associated went nowhere but okay none of the woman who the old lady who delivers the guests attending the node under there and though they dinner played or something aren't they wow I don't remember. I was Hinckley paying attention and it's going class. NASA you're asking how they want. In popular folklore stuff but I said Bafana lab is trying to visit all the children of Italy on the eve of the feast of the epiphany to fill their socks with king Indian presence if they're good or a lump of coal or dark candy if they are bad on. In many core parts of Italy and in particular rural Sicily. A stick in a stocking was placed inside instead of coal. We can't afford. I'll stick and a in Houston to burn coal that you don't guarantee good housekeeper many say she will sweep the floor before she leaves. Up but that's kind of ran a sub. Until you think right now on this meeting meant the sweeping away of the problems of the year I'll. You're younger is in dire are the child's family typically leaves a small glass of wine and a few morsels of feud often regional or local for the lob I found out how that a glass of wine instead of a glass of milk. No wonder no wonder she can solve did you solve. Kind of drunken designs is clam up. They've illegal until she's usually portrayed as a had writing a broomstick is according to Wikipedia. To go through the air wearing a black show all. And it's covered in so because she enters the children's house is through the chimney she's often smiling carries a bag or hamper film's candy gifts or Bowles a hamper her she's also referred to as the Christmas which. And under and listening that's good that's that's for entrusting a still listening to maintain teacher miss wilder my mother. I think it's that's you know you're mute you we live in a world of sense because he doesn't faith in northern Maine then the whole Macy's hallmark. This kind of thing and we don't understand Samaria there were. Fun tradition. Other people have a kid I know we're gonna keep going and I was like I but those are basically she came from she she helped house the three wise men a few days before. First of infant Jesus is here to end okay right. She became known as the best housekeeper in the village with the most pleasant home. Honestly. My turn you into our. On some so it's been around a long time he goes Italians they Dooling cleaning their muscle leg. Orgies apparently you because it's good to play for your lives and and commodity. Semi please. The virgin Mary Laney and oh yeah. I was a little party and it's over I'm gonna happen. And edit tee instead many aspects that you got that Oksana I'll I don't think you can say it but isn't swear word. Probably wise and honest you know. Oh geez I'm not sorry you don't go oh gee I know Norman and I didn't see where the word behave does it apply in Italian and I know what I mean the color I think all of us attorney instead. Yeah. Dangerously close to her real name platonic and who funnel yeah. I'll then. Then don't those three wise men whatever they do whatever she did today and there were just encouraged to go along with whatever that are. They're great. Stereo journal last watcher doesn't follow our. Bishop Eddie was terrible thing to viewers have nothing to do worse than being with our permanent. What's the CNN's any Christmas traditions are on the world will be back.