Caring For Your Parents Financially As They Get Older with elder law attorney Lisa Powers

Friday, May 10th

A great mother's days gift is to reassure the mom in your life that she will be financially ok as she gets older. That when the time comes to consider a senior living community, assisted living or nursing home everything will be taken care of without worry.

Taking on the responsibility as a caregiver to my parents is honestly something that terrifies me. I know I am not alone.  We all want to care for our parents as well as they cared for us. 

That is why this week we are dedicating time to weed through the horror stories we've all heard.  Why are some seniors "kicked out" of their care facility? Why is it a struggle for seniors to get Medicare/Medicaid to help pay for the cost? Why are seniors who have worked so hard their entire lives left with nothing and unable to pay for the care they need?

Eder Law Attorney at Harris Beach Lisa Powers is here to walk us through the important things that we need to know.

Also joining the conversation are listeners Lori Viola and Lloyd Ruffle who have both been through it.  They share their stories and personal experience. Teaching us the valuable lessons they learned through the process. We hope this episode gives you some clarity and peace of mind.

Our plan is to have Lisa come back in once a month to answers all your questions.

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