The Big Money Mistakes Most People Make with guest Jill Schlesinger

Friday, March 15th

Chances are you have made at least one money decision that you regret and that’s ok, because we all have been there. Even the super smart people make some pretty dumb financial mistakes.

With each mistake we make, we acknowledge it, learn from it and move on vowing never to do it again

Today, CBS News Business Analyst, Host of the Jill on Money radio show and podcast and author of the new book “The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money: 13 ways to Right Your Financial Wrongs” Jill Schlesinger joins the conversation.

Many lovingly refer to her as Aunt Jill. She is our fun aunt who tells it like it is!

Jill exposes some of the big money mistakes a lot of people make when it comes to life insurance, deciding between Whole and Term insurance. Paying for college, the gut wrenching mistake most parents and grandparents are making. And when it comes to hiring a financial professional the one question you need to ask to make sure they are qualified to deserve your business.

Get ready to learn a ton in this episode with one of my favorite financially confident women Jill Schlesinger.

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