Are you financially prepared to buy a new home?

Friday, October 27th

Your Go To Guide to buying a home

From how much you can afford to how to pay off your mortgage here are the 4 steps you need to follow


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With all of the things you can be losing you right now thank you know. Checking out this seven figures podcast on C any writers while you're here if you don't mind giving us a rating and a radio and tell your friends about the shallow. The goal is to give you all the information that you need to dominate your finances today this topic buying a new home are you financially ready for it. And I think we're gonna focus on first time home buyers and I invited Chris Kanye to join in on the conversation crisper signs there weren't any good morning show with me. You're doing you're zero dead thirty block and you Q you started out with what twenty. It's 42000 dollars in the middle of April of Tony 17 am looking at about 3900. Laughs here. In October. It's pretty remarkable and you then extremely aggressive ad attacking the stat. But you're about the last few weeks you've been talking about on should buy a house how even buy a house when he there'll. So you actually inspired us all out and found it expects an entire friends and family first credit unions shot just sort of com the mortgage processor and you leave Allah the mortgage urged Nader thank you so much in Q. Buying a house is huge right there so many emotions when it comes to buying a house in thinking entertaining the idea of buying a house. Before irked you. Put everything into action let's make sure that your financially prepared and that's what we wanna do we wanna get you prepared kind of make sure you're ready right. And everybody else who's entertaining the idea of buying their first time because it can be overwhelming. There are so many questions. Questioned the biggest one and I think everybody thinks this one even pops in there had when I see a for sale sign wanna drive and a mystery is. Is it is intimidating as it seems. Hat while anything's possible. So it's Alley and you on the largest purchases in your life. I mean my new house is on the largest persist so you gotta be ready. So let's go let's start from the beginning because there are four steps that you need to follow and you have to follow him in this order and I think you guys would agree right. So let's do let's lay it out there the goat to guide to make sure that your financially prepared. Number YNN. You seat up for sale sign up before you even walk into that open how she got to determine how much you can afford right are you ready very true. So to determine on how much here and I'll play for are you actually have to start looking at the credit first to see. Where can I credit my income take me. So as an original air and a look at the credit look at your income and then and I. And in your debt in replica altogether in one appraiser come out with this is what you qualified. Our net and your debt part I think is so important is that saga and the debt in the first place is all 58 dollars a month and therefore that all 250 want I can afford that Allison those things pile on top of each other. And now it's. 12100 dollars and more than likely crack for twelve hours collectively. So let and your debt thing is I think super important didn't realize that to be self aware enough to know okay. Mean I can't afford a fifteen under our mortgage even though 59 dollars I can scrape together but all I can really look at a nine under our market. How do you because nobody really wants into this would zero dat. Mean that your goal ultimately the people have you know student loans or whatever so how can you say. What really can I afford I had no idea when I first I'm my house and like I don't know these numbers sound crazy how we break it down is a monthly. So we're gonna look at your growth monthly income OK and and basically just taking your W two and about a twelve months and so it's a monthly basis. We're gonna take your monthly payments all your monthly alcohol is there mapping at the you have and of those monthly that's. And number nine to biting into your gross monthly income we come up with a ratio. OK so. We follow a specific ratios and we found that the enemy guidelines and is different types of artist at her to come up with a ratio and make your qualifying for you so it. You can. I'm qualified to purchase now. How important is being Solana as a means because sometimes I go to like get a loan and the like how much you spend on. Alcohol every month and like I box play and I understood I got every day exactly it every doubt many people Felix. It would be a people would be. Reserved so where they don't want really tell you that they eat out five times a week it means little embarrassing when you're trying to get. Alone especially if you're trying to work its or merely make yourself better financially. Mary Joseph the first person I asked the first question I asked Gil is how much do you think you can afford monthly for housing. You know you spend so much and entertainer so much on you know going out on the weekend. So you have to factor those things and because you really might change your lifestyle and humane but if you don't wanna change your lifestyle. I mean you might keep going what you're doing and I have a home until he got to factor those things and I think we don't factor in utilities are things like Texas gym membership our food OK so we do not tightly edit. Much like the gym membership though Sammy these kinds of reasons we talked about it on the on the buzz morning show where. We wanna work out or I'm not eat this and not do and yet every intention when you wanna do when you want something as bad as a house. You're like OK I can not go on T three times a week and then what happens two months and you go bacteria were right about. Deanna lived through rose colored glasses with fish you don't want him become how spore is that they scary I don't veer you re all we ask the numbers yes. So even though we can say oh you can qualify for 2000 a month. And that OK well like you're saying they Bacon's dancing together somehow. Although he got really got to think about whom I have you know I have to keep up with my eight whatever it is and he made is he had with the jam or with thousand. Things that might give you heart. Used tire iron yes although things are repairs on getting a new car. You know mile carries as as and of its ace and we let that affect almost potentials for the few there. Plus taxes. School Texas. Town taxes people forget about that and we onions. The latest Arctic is if I'm not forget your weight. Is there a senate district to drilling from renting to have owning a house says there are set percentage difference like say my rent is 800 dollars a month. Should I stay around that number or should die in all the evil so each is a very good question I get that question I and done. If you feel like you're very comfortable and you have extra money I am that dam could potentially when you savings. Or could go to work home or are both. I am do you feel is very comfortable. I would stay where you our I feel like an arc. Feel like you know maybe I'll begin raising an of this year or whatever are moving when somebody brain making you question if they can move up my cell. As an and that I felt my rent is also your pets 1175 right now and it's a nice nice apartment. And I mean told what you can afford a great house with that morgue but then I don't have the repairs on her demeanor and soft in my one mile access other attacks this. You know change the roof live earth or by error have and orders insurance all this stuff. Did to deploying you have to buy align more are you ready to things AM normally don't have to even purchase. We know what yes snowblower if the repeater driveway after if something goes wrong with the water here you can't just call me in and so that's what scares the crap out of me is. Is it a joke that being bullied got to count for. Then you shouldn't be living is should not a lot analysts are tight or you can't buy you or you can't fix how wire tank. They should be really save money till because when you have a honey you really should have since hitting should something go around. So if you need to. Like you say get a snowblower or. Whatever days you wanna be able do that you can't just these living so tight and you mortgage payment that you camp for the things you need to maintain your home okay and this is a really nice transition into step number chests out number one was determine how much you can afford it now number two is how to prepare your finances as you just made mention of you have to be able to save. In you're going to need it. Stack of cash. In order to even move forward with this process right yes I am I do advice any first time homebuyers that. You need to start saving and I know Chris you're working on reducing your act which is great because you wanna be eliminate those monthly payments and however. You still are gonna need some some funds in the bank sell. When you go to Maier home and you say OK I wanna get. New bath mats and I money gets I'm this new chair and I want this and that. You've still got money have a little savings. Right IG I keep myself broke. Paying off my debt in the sense where early I don't Ireland has savings or an Alley and I have a throwing everything that debt to get to zero which is good that you have to have both a percentage of the house the value of the house to put down as a down payment and closing costs would is the amount that we're looking at on average pace on average or at least on for first time home buyers and a programmer screen program I am. 3% down so that's the bare minimum that your profound mentioned mortgage. And I'm percent of the value that house of the house is a 100000 dollars or if the purchase price the purchased or are they a 100000. In and went with 3000 down. And then there is closing costs and that's now not just to Danny insurance. So closing costs are about 3000 aren't they closing costs. Errant pens and be the purchase price okay what can range anywhere from five to 7% is. Okay somehow. So anyway so. In average was in a hundred as our home about 4000 in closing costs. I'm CA 3000 down your 4000 in closing costs and then you have Astro so which is your property taxes and your homeowner's insurance. Sell for harder browse then let's say in the suburbs you're looking about probably 4500 in taxes. So I went twelve to 151000 a despite tracked. 50000 dollars so you Johnny bailing out innocent. That isn't all that but there's a there's less of good news I know you're working at TC CSF consumer credit counseling service of Rochester they help me get. A huge chunk out of the way truck. Right and they actually have a lot of good programs and we work with them directly as Welch and we have a product family first that is through the federal home loan Bank of New York. It's called the first home club program in helps on some electricity. I'm towards in meanings and hurt and any money you donate the Anchorage mean exactly and this is late to do it in its agreement on programs social Oscar talk little bit about efforts on a program the first home club. Graham sponsored by AB federal home loan Bank of New York actually eat is 88000. Dollar grant for qualifying. Purchasers. It's income based. The foreign one match is. Pretty much you're saving. A 187 dollars and fifty cents a month. For ten months works out to 18100 to be five dollars. And that's your 18. And then the that the for being a sunny 500 from the grant program this is first first time homebuyers did you feel at home loan excuse me that for some club. OK so this is for you so quiet Monday for me and 989. In a hurry seven dollars and fifty cents for ten months I get basically a free. Grand freight thousand dollars you'd see you hello if you aren't either our qualifying doesn't he have to do. Followed the program guidelines. Which are pretty strict. And within those guidelines we eat walking to the process strict but achievable. Strictly to they had to be Easter I as we know how to hundreds of people on this program and it makes on buying their first home. So it's what she's saying is. We met the next four dollars for every dollar they save. Of your during a hi Ernie seven dollars and fifty cents for ten months is that the minimum period they can deal but he can save up to eighteen months. And you're gonna see ET 175 dollars and health four dollars for every dollar they save. You're gonna get a grant for 7500. New and it equals out to gotcha yes so now we're gonna have a sunny 500. Less the ET 75 he saved. And 9375. Dollars towards a percent year on. And what did we say you would need total for about 121000 yeah I am now look how big herald that Greek town mean Arabic at. Making. It'd. I'm really you guys see more I was when I don't think so the big twelve. Find it ever certain numbers are DF riff to come the famous first amazed them to a rundown power I mean like if it is and become a citizen can be so I make less than a certain amount deserted. Her. Still if you have a household it's based on the households eyes okay so if you have one to two person household. Currently from mineral cure me it's 57820. Dollars a year or that's the most you can make. So called fine guys got out. It's is it just Ukraine it would be just me this you pretty yup we know we mean I'm not connote an in my hand. What you get is moving and it's now hello I'm here and I'm talking on her as she put it into your idol last personnel qualify for the speed on income is based on income. But. Oh damn look at Greece which is the subject so quickly that the whole other pod came most trying to position marrying him are now garlic at a low rent. I wouldn't recommend plane obviously Al-Maliki. 'cause obvious joke on us please find help them Bali really my area. I might go another I didn't feel like an hour. Mil a YLA doing though the finger across the thrust and let the listeners can give us a bit better but no it's true the. Guidelines are very each. Precise. Yeah and they followed them to the tee so it's very important not to try to pull one over. Mom on year you're lending institution because we're getting tax returns are asking who's living in the cold. If I'm Kenny says all my girlfriend and I live together. I'm yanked Regis recently had this happened. On the number came to me and said you know I'm looking to purchase a home. I'm like well how many people in the household well it's me and my girlfriend. I'm like a table she working well yes I'm purchasing the home in my name alone mean and I'm like yep she's living with. So easily yes but this is gonna be my house yah I don't know what the future hole. Well none of us do. But it at this point you guys are living together and OK this may actually means you downed path of getting engaged or married yeah this is Comcast to be considered. Now had he not told me that they were living together I would not now with. Because she's not gonna show up on his tax returns she's not gonna show up in any of the other documentation. I mean unfortunately he was honest but here's the forty if you're gonna. Potentially purchased a house together. They don't think about lest they get only 210 months on the road they've gotten married they didn't tell us. Egos you. Do their mortgage loan. And what happens is they decide okay well we're going to go on this mortgaged to eat it all comes crashing down guests looked gonna have to waste time to do that first home club packet well we get to people the put on their well where's the income. So now I need all the income right suddenly we don't qualify we've been seeing is that it. And you've got you know 1875 seat. But yeah you just lost 8000 dollars. We bleed do we have caller alternatives. Such as in your case is hearing him is above and you still want personal Lisa haven't seen everything but he might get things moving. I am there is outlets called sellers concession. You could finance a portion of their closing costs in tier mortgage boom to make a passable. Really get into a home in and not have to put down the twelve to 151000 were talking about the sellers concession is a good way that some think about and and that's basically with the race as well as they are to finance a partially closing costs it's really not and much more into your monthly payment. I also talking about how to prepare your finances step number two that you need to take credit score and I know we talked about it touched about on it. A little bit here but what does your credit score need to be and how do you key is they're fast way to get to a good credit score. I'm not denying credit repair for a long time and Don Hewitt here this next I'll just for you and you don't working with CCC gas they're wonderful till date they really agree tips I'm excited we were other. So I am. You might your credit score to be at least a 600. For any type of fur type of mortgage program you know to. Our driver any type of march it Lisa 600. You're not there. And then what you gonna need to deal is you need to have at least three open trade lines that means you need to have three creditors. Such and here are along with such paid off. You need to hassle Ahmed a no no he shootaround he should not at you don't have a growing market then you should have at least a couple credit cards. OK keep maintain doesn't mean you have to always have an imbalance. You could pay it I am monthly any could use it pay to use. This is I can't credit rate. Yeah OK so and so have a couple those of revolving 01 revolving and installment select that's good that's something going on. Have a credit her that's open that you just don't even use it's just opened a dad does and how new AT uses some here if I got as we need to check your payment history in the payment history is what determines your credit score. Kind of SL I am. And several effect on the credit card check is this their magic number or percentage on the balance of vs no limit asked. So that's what it's all about associate your crying is a thousand dollars on your credit card you know my at least 50% or below all of that. To beat to not have your eyes are on the opposite direction negative direction. So you might say here bounces that 500 or last that would be. The best way to be you know you don't wanna maximize Asian or utilization of the attic or is what treasures or out. So the is one big factor in the press are having those three trade winds is very important. I am also on the way they you pay you make sure you hang and hang. You know even if you pay loans into the grace period is still does trickle into the credits where. Hello it so by dom. Keeping everything on time I'm keeps track of your health insurance sometimes on things aren't covered all and here. Like they me sometimes they're not cut out yeah Mac aren't married yet it's out there like this all balances on Karim might get a bill from. You know doing a lamb are all like act. Make sure that you pay those when they come because I said enough OB over the collection agency and you won't even realize there chemical backwards on my credit cards assay data. Have the funds to get my balances below 50%. Can I'd call my credit company and try to get up. For a bigger credit limit to make it. The percentage where it needs to be you know what I mean the guys thousand dollars and have 800 dollar balance and I call and that's like a 5000 limit this way that ratio is better. You could. A case that you could do that but chances are the credit card companies not paying creature lying if you're are you maximizing your credit line you can't just. No just Jurcina kind of stick around because it some people don't have the money and not there's a bears up until six months and on and have the money don't play out most in my cart and may be are that. Financially ready to how purchase a house I mean you got to really feel comfortable. In your financial situation. Is the first step is the first home club going away any time soon or are we all be patient would. Are they say OK good we're just make sure this doesn't believe they're Russian financial decisions like buying a house and they see this great program available that is qualified for. And maybe they're they're rushing and is something that's a good. Okay is that still a worst case scenario and into the grant program is or saving money so even if they're not ready plus troops and none other still saving money that they could potentially use. They can redo that they cared to the ten months over again if they were ready in on two years they could after the program ends up and Joyce there's sting under the umbrella have. How to prepare your finances. What documents there's a lot of documents that we need to have readily available one where. Ready to proceed with test so when your ready get pre qualify for a mortgage you're gonna wanna have your your pace of salon is and I try peace sub's outer. Well if you're thinking about buying home save those that say those things a savior pay stubs if they're elect. And nature you have access to your payroll system so that you can get those based ads. Is there any three days apiece dogs are gonna need your last year's W two so we're gonna need your tax returns. So hang and those things in them prepare those documents if you haven't saved and maybe keep a filing cabinet or file. And put your documents and their so that you're ready prepared. Are also getting kneed on being seen as just to see how much my game haven't you and your accounts of a cut for a look at the listing assets are important. And you know we're talking now seedings I'm in you getting your deck on you trying to you know little both need. Sell best cowboy you're really we're heading into purchasing homered in pre qualified. Limit your that like Chris is working an eye on inter I get some savings in their too because. The lenders looking at okay how much money at the pace of Phoenix and mortgage payment how much money's gonna have left the fall back. Ari and then moving had to step three now we know we feel financially ready work comfortable we have this savings we get ally documents ready pitcher prick while the case of the latter. Remain and then you go and you go shopping with your real energy and you look around you find something that you like. And then I OA's request a phone call Connie soon you find something like you lot are not friend let's go through the numbers you know exactly what you're getting into the Fareed I. The rhino exactly what Jim. Among the pain is going to be you might know exactly how much money got to take out the bank in order by the house so only those are things I like tell you before you get into your dream home. Exactly was that cost is so you know your comfortable. There is different types of mortgages can you explain them there's the fixed rate adjustable rate which one do you recommend. I recommend the six straight always does anybody do the adjustable rate and there are certain cases where some in May a lot and just tolerate we call armory. Our program and let's say this somebody knows they're gonna be living in their home temporarily they're going to be out there for years they may get. And arm is fixed first certain period of time and then it just after that. So we tend to work with a five year fixed and then it just effects of the somebody's know the economy moving out of state or ever then. It's okay to get into that as long as at eight. They can leave after more common now is the facts very mark count as a fix especially in this market as a rates are low you myself read into the fixed rate to start at. Is there a better fit to do besides the obvious of you have more time to pay it off benefit from five year 1530 year. Loan. On is gonna be based on qualifying for that because when you crash it was the turn here also increasing the payment. The tank right okay so I am as you might uneven quality he might not even qualified era a typically we're gonna look at the thirty year for the or for time and he. And that this somebody that you know. They do call for the fifth or the fifteen year and they're really adamant they want the fifteen year that going to be dinosaur certain amount time may come a look at app but I would say 99%. For first time home buyers or thirty year. Okay seem good together now you do married Meredith and I every new wow this is gonna happen and I have doing come in in the star goes over the castle. Disneyland and that's how wake up call today I got a little babies are ready you're as nice and slowed the money is plummeting and would you suggest. Just focus on that mortgage and pay that down don't wade to the thirty years it is up well I was say mice come and everything's going just when he glanced up. Then I refinancing that we said prior to go for slowly she wants to. I got the cancer in north Carter term that planes say OK now we're getting prepared for our retirement days her kids on talent or this though let's listen. Anywhere since jester refinance. But don't you to repay into the due to pay closing classic and or would you just pages of the prince of Al and speed up. The payments whatever works out what's more whatever's more beneficial financially Smart. I aimed particularly say in this market now is asked to refinance into the fifteen Yamaha are shorter term and spoke. And right the market is going to really determine if you're going to refinance. In not gonna take a low interest rate loan that you have a thirty year. And you know three and a half 4%. And then I ten years from now. Our economic standing changes in we get 8% loans obviously you don't wanna go back says to something like that. A rising makes sense on so let's say start out or purse and a thirty year and then Ulanova refinance. Or missed out. Is punished you're getting about one million to 2% lower in the Harry that you can't. I the closing costs I never the same even when you refinance I can't remember what I pay egg on my sister has the same Monday. And then you get discounted closing costs it become okay let yourself something to emerge out in my first become active and my first three fans are gonna get it as answer. That we're gonna we have to refinance and it does get put his new wife on a target so worried. I can't sandy okay. I then what I'm doing next. It's a fee is an and we should look out for her wing you room. See this huge pack get the they're gonna get audio and ahead read every page of that packet and any hidden fees we should look for so what you're talking about is don't these this is a term that lenders use. It's illegal you know amongst originators it's junk fees and what it is it it comprises of underwriting fee processing fee and application fee on the document preparation. So these are all fees. That you should be looking out for. So when I knew I am going to look real under and they give you you can request out of McAfee worksheet or break down the closing costs. And you look are okay application 500 UC underwriting 300 UC. I am processing fees 400 why are there that things are called on these and this is where the letters make their money sound. Your I wanna compare those other lenders to see who's got. You know lower. That's good right there if you take it away anything from the us letting your first time buyer or not. That's a good one aren't there yes yes that's on par and a only. No that's for the loan Ashton comes and rain yes so the loan estimates now required. Mom that's central government for us to provide to. Homebuyers the breakdown of all least ease so there really shouldn't be any surprises. It takes that you know thirty page document when you're looking at all leader closing paperwork. And it. Just breaks it rained down into the loan abstinent and closing disclosure. And keep you all those fees at a quick doing so you know Chillicothe. And you get a tee time the look at it is I know in that moment you're just so excited for this now except for finding your dream house you're almost blind to all these bees. So you really do just got to sit down a look at over asked another big one and I should point out is a points thanks so. Is some. Is points is our unique pain points for your interest rates may not can be sometimes I'm hard understand when you're looking at these documents but I you paint. I am a percentage of your loan amount to get the interest rates that you know that there are setting for. So yes in part a look at too because all those. Although as east and up to. Is clean so that's clearly need to do we recommend points. Never understood points really. Why are I am points can work for you I'll sell if you're looking to. Hope works is buying down your interest rate so if you need to I Downing Street because. He's angling make payment and 900 dollars a month or something and we try to really geared towards what you can afford and what you qualify for so some people who say. As I can don't okay we'll work with Gil and you can buy down your your rate to invest and now and you get the exact payment that you what's the drawback though. The drawback Beck is it's more money and pack. Okay. Eric is a cost you. Now let's break it down again. Ink vs credit union specifically when it comes to a mortgage. Okay that comes to mortgage a credit union now I'm in comparison and credit union has some discounted the east found that the bank does. So one in particular is called him my private mortgage insurance. So if you're ideal but 20% down ran home a lot of first time home buyers or not you're gonna pay 8 PM right. While at a credit union is smelling nice or there because we have discounted and I. So you know you're payment while always come in lower. And if you're comparing apples apples. That's really nice we do have on the hour closing costs in just in general ice here closing costs and bananas over twenty years. I see are closing costs in general colonel Lawrence and inks and you get the one on one service you come and you sit with me and not face to face. That's really nice and goes a long way we have local service and damn. And everybody likes or local. As great outsourcing customer service when you three explain your problems three times. And I and any capacity so a lot that's awesome really attractive but you were with the same person always growth so we're good for like thirty years and you and I have myself I work with the right with who like them partition that's right. I then Joseph knows they got. A path. Of truth and we just about that was a credit union your remember. I'm an irony here part owner out of the crowd in a shareholder I Sheryl yeah yes that's and I'm. OK now we get to stuck step number four get a pay off this mortgage because so what do we need. To be aware of when we try to pay off our mortgage. We talked about instead of may be paying extra payments maybe you could consider refinancing. Re asked and penalty fees though if you can make an additional payment. To even suggest that at all we've been fortunate to get away from prepayment penalties on mortgages out of day and time thing of the past but. So for now we don't have prepayment penalties meaning that if you did wanna make sometimes I suggest making an extra payment per year. So if you had a thirty year mortgage. And you may need one capture penis per year you're gonna take out of seven years off of your mortgage just spine making no one actor nuclear. And then below wall when what I have packed you know action might make the payment. When I suggest around Texas and your tax refund. After him and there are now we have and the school tax we have the start programming getting a check in the mail. Verses getting the discount to schools expelled when you get that check in the mail. I. Or even break it down mostly like he says you just do once a year in Asia with a twelve under our mortgage is 120 bucks a month our books my brother. Arts and out in your specific. Situation tiny and I know a lot of millennial spare it's not let me anyway it's had a bad term but a lot of the younger generation they're looking to rent. And you're not alone in where the mindset is me by a duplex money ran out one half had that personnel me pay my mortgage and there you go now I have no real estate. Do you recommend that and what are any caution. The Lilly and that's fantastic if you're looking forward to. I am eighty had an investment preppy down the road or this is something that you're gonna have me when your retire but. I'm sitting in your first home and done and I had this happened many times and even with the first on a program they allow. Doubles triples. You can you would have to live in and one half so they have to be your primary residence mom and so as long as you lived and one unit made your rented out the other half that rant is Agassi going towards your mortgage and making it more affordable Freel. And I must say five years years on the road you're married and and she is my eleven and double Chisholm I had that you know close neighbor south. You could just move outside. The required for the firstly if it sit there for five years. Minimum Moore is is there a specific number on it. With dean Korean program they do require you to see there for five year with a grant ran a category and there isn't and mortgage that goes with. That specifically the the 8000 got you can't OK you can refinance. And then he is forgiven. Mom if you sell it within the five years then you just have to pay act like a pro rated share them. Any questions you have lingering Kanye. OK so if you're somebody who. Qualifies for the first home club. But also could afford for some reason to buy your house without those restrictions you know if you have the best of both worlds going on you saved every single Labor Day money since you're eleven. And you have enough for a down payment with no restrictions but you also qualify for the first on thump is there. One that you suggest over the other doing it all without the restrictions or doing it for the 8000 dollars with a five year restrictions and ends up like that. If you qualify for the first time club green. Why wouldn't you know I am pretty angry my daughters are big promoters of the first on a program. I would say is is one most programs and I wish I was around when I was I'm on my personal amen but she's I don't know we jury interest rates. Yeah double not amen let's. Let's zero in a car. Now I know I might ruling denying anything we refinance at one point down to a sudden you can include that was great resource so excited so what I now wasn't with a common. Or work or rule. I think that we had it back 9%. Did you bend the class Cesar rotary phone call and make your mortgage payments. Yeah yeah yeah. Another Mary into the limelight email and Jack yes you know what the number nine looks like that's your answer straight. Oh my guess you guys thank you so much for coming up next grandma's because somebody's and it. My dad has been a big influence on my life especially however few financial decisions and ever since I can remember he was always there with a memorable motivational crowd. And that's how we end the podcast father knows fast my dad's two cents have a good weekend dominate your finances. And roll. Reach your goals avoid disappointment. That took too many people do. I want you to aim high. And it seemed those losses.