Are we coddling our dogs

Tuesday, January 9th


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The situation out swing counties. Involving dogs the police neighbors cellphone videos district attorneys and national news that hits every night and the prize. So the cellphone video that popped up on social media. Chose to dogs left out in the extreme coal couldn lines and we counted on to their windshields. That we're dipped dangerously low cords at thirteen went through this as a yes it is and stays before rise over the weekend it's been shared across the country. In Canada. Yeah and resulted in dozens of calls it animal can how can all agree it's a good thing about social media were out taking care and look at out for each other good tool isn't yet. We're weariness Tanya we're in the game but in the extreme and our version did that affect. Yes arm now. The police are involved was one of the details in the story now with these dogs were out and did temperatures that you dreaded the last. In the last seven days right those negatives in the wind chills in this that. So when you get the police involved in something like that it's it. It seems like a no brainer right from the un educated. Not to pet owner not a double arches I guess I kinda and a stepfather to a cat but. On the other it's okay well everybody's upset about this is they must be wrong. But in the old days too easily were dogs changeup you know outside and older you know snoopy sent this note the other snoopy dog house and you say that's how they did so there are days old now for slicks and he said there are babies say aren't we when you know it did did. Rather sleep with their little puppy and we would her husband the team power. Truss. Thatcher so closely to be doing year in jail. Jackie the dot com to all of them upcoming say OK yeah. So who do you trust more. The people that claim to be animal rights activists. In your gut instinct or the police because. Although it seemed like everybody thinks this is knots. That's not the case for the four of the Wayne county. Sheriff. Whose name is Gary Roberts is what he had to say about this this situation. We found no loss of hair and off frostbite. The way it was consistent they found the dogs to be enough you know good health tall order it doesn't sort of shows some of the shelter and against the shelter that was out there would be like to see better shelter absolutely the last eight plus pet owner vs a deeper honor. On my dash so according to the wall which is what she's PA's. The sworn to you two to protected abide by an enforced. There's no problem at this. So was there shelters late staff sadly the snoopy dog house in the back yeah are heard or was the dog just let out to Gao and left out there. The video a little too long where people were starting to question. Do videos show loosen them in the pen the you know like you offense against India bomb and there's more than one dog right. Right now I think that the owner owns. If they did a total of twelve dogs have been edited video there were still the best to answer my question a penny chain link fence is in shelter in the in the video it doesn't show that there is. A little habitat that they are going to like little. Something out there is one according to the sheriff what he just said it doesn't shelled the entire structure so there is an enclosed. Area played an area count the same on the video did you sort of shows some of the shelter and against the shelter that was out there would be like to see better shelter absolutely the last eight plus I don't reverses a deeper club not a part of the answer to that but there's more stone structure that can block the wind at least not the cold obviously there's no heat running joke there I don't. I would assume now right right. Wow. But isn't it interesting that so many people. Called the authorities so home many social media shares that went all around an angle up and Campbell took the video who went on I guess property to the video of it I mean it was great. To do vigilante dog man. A big game I think we really need to do this even with kids I mean same situation if he sees something where it just doesn't. Feel right like this kid some and is wrong and trust and got maybe it's a woman say. Hold on 11 on Natalie outside my apartment a few weeks ago that's as I thought I saw cracked it there because. She was the toddler right and they ran and jumped the fence from the police it's pretty intense. Is this too much simply being is too much sticking your nose in other people's business we need him. I'm sorry there was a time where I was that and get out of my age territory nosy neighbor and now. We have to deal because there are some very. There's a lot of deep parents and pet owners out there like Teixeira sad it. We should all push each other to be be a parent the a pet owner in this too many. But okay shouldn't the shouldn't idea of mirrors that of a window when you willow called authorities and people like this everybody who calls the authorities armed. Potential animal abuse and should get investigated themselves into the play well every single there's no way every single pet owner out there who was. Who is being righteous about this this particular story we county is a perfect pet owner. I don't think you should. Be investigated. Let you. I do you second guess some things that I do on the quite a minute now if so it took them any of this could this be an appropriate it make you stop and think and pushed up to be get aid. Pet owner or a parent it. No I I think he keeps a saw on our toes in we were taught bad lessons when we were kids is. The way we grew up the past way you know. I kind of feel like I know PC something like horribly dangerous while braking that's one thing. That this could be potentially horribly dangers are not going to the sheriffs and the who's running a business center business get off my property and lays the sheriff's. With a share of checking in onions and Harry were cool here. Go ahead go ahead with your day. Were cool but how far does this go I mean I'm not saying cold conditions are the same thing is what about the same but. When are people gonna start calling animal control on people. Yelling at their dobbs no no don't do that no what is likely to be emotional an animal abuse how far we will pass up like that that's down a line that's probably around the corner. Is Yelp if the dog makes a mess and a spot that it's not supposed to picking it up and putting it in its nose a reluctant went out to do that in our race and as emotionally animal abuse. I I think so I don't go inland breeder when I was a confirming mini schnauzer Newton. Before I found Walter. I went to this one place and she's low Powell. Sign on as saying anything horrible horrible and what she did it to her mini schnauzer is a lot of pet owners do but I just it felt. Off she would sprayed him in the face with the water bottle when they do misbehavior bark too loud and. In a might only get to take a lot of empty your. It's a sports a lot of what. Any human dog doesn't like yeah it's training its conditioning and do employer. But the dogs know was in its in its accident in alcohol like cops to share pressed the stop what he's doing a job to places like that we're. But mode package here I figured I could hit its emotional on the via its emotional animal abuse by Clinton I mean really emotional. Animal abuse is feelings let's protect each other. It's unclear bat as disciplined and goes away Algerian. Cellphones are gonna be new. Maggie and I carry that there it's to granite counter act either it's bills errands or.