Are men upset about getting rid of the bathing suit competition?

Thursday, June 7th

The Miss America pageant will no longer include a swimsuit competition.

Does the competition really have an impact on the perception of females? Not everyone agrees

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Maybe megabytes Miss America 2.0. And where applauding for a different reason this morning our way with at. You don't you know bad guys sing and he used to host. Business trump no you're just too despondent right I forgot the guy's name and he he was supposed to be good for years and then. When they crown. You know the winner key the host with saying it. A anyway. Got killer got prevails one year and collect enough with this is gonna have different risk of separation here but I think that well in the wake of the. Has take me to movement. A lot of historic changes are coming to Miss America pageant. The focus will change and that includes cutting his swimsuit competition. The arm. Also the ballroom of the ball down. Is optional. It's not as much about looks. What's on the insight. Almost a hundred years. He spent hours working out getting toned. You know that whole thing bathing suit competition. I heard a thing yesterday. And some news channel. Where they had a couple of ladies are on the board of directors that replace the man that. You know and Gretchen Carlson who used to be on fox she was a Miss America contestant from one or something and she's not hating it she took it over to go in this new direction. And one of them Levy said that they reached out to. And they got a hold of 25 years worth of winners. And I asked him and said listen what do you think there's no swimsuit thing and they're all like hallelujah happy dance. And really do that that's who he's kind of frustrating about this that they needed it. That kind of evidence to prove to everybody. It was unnecessary but all of us girls were quietly. I guess quietly. Sure does relate Douala. In sweet home this I wondered did Tina this is why I'm. What was in our face when we were growing up right. And you wonder who is this for who were watching this because as a girl. I've watching I was younger all I watched it thinking and this was our world right. That I had to look fantastic in a bathing suit and that was really important because look at the pageant women are being judged on. It was a beauty pageant. And that was part of what qualified is being beautiful but he really did it when there. You wanna believe it or not Ed it. It really did it impact me growing up as a teen Ager as a middle school student as a teenager I never thought my boobs were big enough out but it is now now I know it doesn't matter but then and I always thought wow. This is. This is it this is the world we live in men. Judge us based on our appearance. And it's a man's world I remember telling that to my mound this is a man's world because of stings like this but I never realized it was because of things like this. Because it was no big deal everybody justified why we had pageants back then. All of but it does some good a bid it out the money goes back to charity and the women they say they're opinion on questions that are asked. Kelly Kohn that's how you guys. Help. We understand this because I've been told that I think in extremes and and honestly I want a wanna be helped to understand. How old what about the same doesn't make sense but. I I just think that it's it's lowering the bar only because. When we see somebody who sold beautiful let's say a woman. Meets a woman who is so beautiful you go ahead and tell malleable crate you have you been working out what would you do with your hair bubble blog you. You revert to those compliments and those physical things about them just naturally just knew deep ball to that. But at the same time on the other side your mouth. We don't wanna be judged on that or strive to look beautiful or strive to be in the best shape or Porsche drive to be. Greats are better version of ourselves I just I honestly don't understand. The help those two things to be coming out of San. And out what it is is before where. And I haven't done your right I. Do crazy things to make sure it was more fat and I was. Seeking out the fat on my body and trying to get rid of it and whenever and we did judge GB each other on that but now it's. Different now obviously you look fantastic after having a baby but it's the way you carry yourself it's the confidence. Dad is beautiful Moore is and what's the pageant tells you where what the magazines are the guys tell you is supposed to be beautiful. I don't know it's such sad. And I need or female to help me explain this because it isn't that the case it's different beauty is so different now. When you look at me when you said that. You know as a boy this seeing the Miss America are the miss universe. That was our first. Glimpse at its. Beautiful what we were as young boy ace. Defined wow this is big is a million people the audience on television is all over the world. There's people there's girls from all over the world look at all the different countries and they're the most beautiful of the entire country that mr. York way. The line and she's prob she's the most beautiful girl in New York away. It now reflecting back because that was normal that. You realize that that was raw power PR or. Yeah nobody did it we didn't look at it as that begin with similar Torah Bright bright. We we looked at it as. And we giggled because they're girls in bathing suits and there's a million mile he I justifying women get. And it totally never even to date occurred to us because that's what we were fed this is what our eyes and ears were fed. And never could reflect on that being wrong because no one ever told us it was wrong wood and it's it's what. It's again a global whistle that's my question objective I don't that's don't think it's object to find women really don't really add. I really don't all these women are signing up for it these when me and I mean why we actually were punishing. People who were born with beauty your strive to be beautiful I mean. But what I tell you what I thought okay what yeah of course you it's. It's being judged by other human beings like we are in every case work we judge what's talented regularly every singer have a record deal now because they wanna sing a million lower the bar there within all American Idol and the boys and stuff like that. But we're gonna take the singing part of it and the your we're gonna hear all of volunteer work they didn't give my record deal. Yeah but that's handling. C news talent. Hacking. Figured it looks good in a bathing suit is not necessarily. Hail to some people it is just like singing we get any. And sure is it you can't work outs. Round the clock it's got to work out round the clock and you both will have different bodies because you have different body types OK today. What your body looks like is better than hits. We were doing link yeah I think it I don't fault too for never really understanding. The whole object to find them because you're never you're never little girls you you. You aren't in that. World it's OK you don't understand but it really did it impact as mean as a young girl and you realize that till now is this. So in your husband's DNA it's it's not in his DNA to be handy pages that doesn't click in his brain but you kind of you kind of poke fun at him for that and a negative way will we sell calendars of firefighters are they all bundled up in don't we know we do we read about although all the lives they saved or other six pack ad showing. And no magic Mike comes to town and how many people flocked to bass as. At lake there's not as much of that as there are the women's side of it but I feel like some win in. Are all about that the magic Mike because it's almost like our retaliation I think I. Arts or an act like a guy I don't think we generally sealed. That welders dinners dep to leave things that women can and objective phi eight man but we can object to five women is the double standard there obviously. That's definitely double standard as those saying that you guys cannot in this day and age objective right when. Right this is the wrong I don't think it's ago either I don't know what I was saying yeah I mean do we can't sing about. I was gonna. How that they there Eric and bet that when women we're doing it and they stepped out exe it. Are a lot more. And keep it really changed image of women. And men anymore. Be yet additional acts. You know there are well I. Ball. I don't really under. You know and at the bit. Well it's a great that are out. Al AMP. GL. As a with a Smart. You leery yourself I guess. You know how can you. I'd do it I think it much harder equipment. Now and ever. Irk me read an. Why shouldn't he act and shouldn't look and you ever ul. Q probably it's getting better a couple of conversations like miss is helping I'm excited for the future generation where. They don't feel as much pressure you know with the whole. They just being you just be real just be. Right do you feel shipped are now. And I really. Weren't pregnant aren't really is. It would ignite it up in that it out you're one you're in it I'm happy here and they you know. It. Just do it at all feel better I Al. A look at our. It better and fortunately it is. Thank you. All right things on the bonds paying a bisexual and go ahead we thank. I think that that is part of the dumbing down of America it. It's a continuation of the participation pro mentality. Then it is destroying the ballot. That has been the American way are really really long time. Know what I was gonna go there that last call it to instead of pushing the bar up as a society or country in Ahmad educated enough to. To say oh we need to do do do that but what were pulling it down were were dragging you down closer to the ground closer to zero so everybody can touch the bar. David do you realize your talking about aimed physical. Traits. As the bar united mean that you guys are saying OK raise the bar of beauty. But who's to say you could. Yeah it's all surface that's surface. Sir bar that here's if you achieve that Barton who say anywhere in the bar as the standard it it's. I don't him eating until like I. You are there there's two point that the but part of it that the simple fact is that. A hundred years from now no matter how much you try to modernize. So I. My beautiful woman still going to be a beautiful woman and a man that still going to want to be attracted. That appointment which is going to make the woman want to be tracked. No mention you cannot change human. Weird old reverse of that like it let's say and I have no idea what you look like that lets say I figured. Mud and you're ugly you're not desirable. How are short at the start because the standard that ice that is the complete opposite of you make you feel to hear that especially as a young boy. Over and over again that you will never achieve that both are. Hot tennis you're. Look at what went what but this principle if the issue is how to how to somebody else feel about. Armed what might be considered to hear your issue and somebody else whether it beauty how long before the Miss America pageant. Umps not helping the competition. Where someone had to answer a question intelligently six on board met helped Carolina just that not a Smart at net new York and it made her feel they. I had to work so hard to try to study these questions but at the end of the patient just. Wayne what the Smart enough but we need to eliminate that from the Al that you because it may irk you that. I mean. If you if you squeeze one side public distrust all the other side inflates in ought to mean does know squeezing out the terrible awful situation as an intern that same analogy works for OK if you're never gonna be beautiful. Then maybe you're gonna be the smartest person in the room and vice Versa. Give me your missing the point if you're setting the bar I'm beauty didn't he change beauty you you were born with whatever you gas. So Smart either. Work harder you guys are being an animal I'm gonna look a little competition we should have woke up there's the and that's the mentality about yeah. The fact of the matter is that the competition. And it and they made about. You know personally historically that is a competition that is related to beauty. And isn't it true that you're beautiful you're missing the point your arms behind when we aren't. Missing the point the point is that man think that women are beautiful based on certain standards you can try to change the standard. If you can attempt to do that you're not going to change never it never has there are going to be if it'd been an attractive. Person that is going to be considered beautiful because they are Smart. And typical fat. But your bet as a kid because of pageants like this you guys were taught to create this image in your mind of beauty and you have to be attracted to. A woman who looks like kids because. Well the very first person rejected very burst beauty pageant Albert because that is built into. People are attracted to beautiful people don't end. Standard of freedom our society. Let's raise everything that happened we bath when 'cause it was wrong that's when women would walk down the aisle and say I willow bay is part of the wedding vows that is not. Appropriate nowadays in this pageant being judged on your bathing suit is that appropriate eat there it's the same thing. It's all school. Well. They're trying to ignore human nature which is what the progress the Sunni and try to do over and over and over again and it just isn't going to happen. It's it's. We can continue to look at ignore people who were excellent at a neat thing continue to try to pare them down because. That went up to do we ought to bring these people or what and bring him down to our level and unfortunately people can't just be happy with who they are. Focus on the strength that I have worked on a strict but they have and be happy with who they are it's it's it's and unfortunately. We can't be happy with who we are before we turn the other person out there that epic sophomoric they need Bobbitt none other person problem. This is so amazing such a great conversation and axed the chicken or the egg which came first. That's Americans and thanks for your bring him out if hall critical bigger.