All your allergy questions answered by Dr Centonze

Thursday, November 9th

Myth or Fact? More Americans suffer from allergies than any other country?

Myth or Fact? Giving toddlers peanuts increases their chance of developing allergies

Sandy Waters speaks with Dr Centonze from Fingerlakes Otolarynology (ENT)  to answer all of your allergy questions.

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Thank you for joining us doctors and tell Lindsay from the Finger Lakes a little airing allergy I had when you have Google my pronunciation and to make sure you've been sticking out. Right now if you want their real it big name on our fragmented moto rhino learn how you unload him go he Andy McKenna and grow but our knowledge and I thought they do Ian Ian quick short yeah I remember that. Yes we do our game Finger Lakes TNT doctors and tell Lindsay thank you so much for joining neighbors in need today I think. Is something that a lot of us are dealing with and I have a question when we talk about allergies and that's the that's the topic of today. It's shrewd the myth let's get it out there mr. truth that the US suffers from more allergies than any other country. Well it is true that are well let's take 2030 years ago it was about a eighteen to 20% of our population. Suffered from allergy. Now uncertain locations were almost close to 40%. There's a lot of theories. Why. Is there one day you are leaning more. Torrid jeer you you look at the aryan you think all of them makes more sense than others. Yes I believe a lot of issues may be brought on that are immune system is an. Being allowed to mature at a younger age ten. I think that we relied a lot on antibiotics. When a child has mood in the years as a cold. And rather than the immune system maturing and fighting off. That organism that's causing their ear infection we kill an enigmatic term in system is a maturing enough. I believe as we get older there we develop more sensitivity to these. Those are immune system is just not doing what I need to do. Do you buy into the theory of the way food is is made in and the GM dollars in food and in how it's been modified to mass produce or is that a theory they like I don't know about Alan. Well it also can affect our immune system. There's a lot of processed foods at the end there. Pick up anything from the grocery list and you'll see chemicals and and it is it's better and that's also affecting her body. It is a big push in certain organs or certain cities. Certain mentality is more towards mechanic. Which is good but it is expensive to buy and and Egypt and me with organic. Food and mushy produced some yourself but I know we're bombarded by chemicals in our food. In our water. In our air. All affects our immune system which is very complex. System and our body checks and balances and it doesn't take a whole lot to get. Some of those checks and balances. Our alignment. Yeah and our bodies adaptation. To try to align our immune system. Cause a lot of symptoms whether he sensitivity to a chemical Apollo and food. And edited. Who die. Our body is very complex and how it deals with those things that it finds that a foreign substance and how is it going to affect our body when it's fighting off something it find as foreign. Or like actors and tones he from the F Finger Lakes TNT. And there return allergies today because we all know somebody if not ourselves who suffer from allergies and and the news said it to be true it is true statement that the US we have a little bit more. Individuals who suffer from allergies and just digging deeper and trying to find out why. Do you agree wit if and this keeps changing so I need hopefully he'll give us a definitive answer. Peanuts. Do we. Expose her children to peanuts or waiting is the way to go out because that's the big allergies subpoena an allergy. I believe what we're finding now is that if children are exposed to low doses of peanut. It's controversial. Legal H one H two right. That it may decrease their sensitivity to peanuts says they get older. And honey the big thing rock honey can cause but so I have many young kids. So they should not have it before the age of warn that used to be before age two but. Honey especially local honey it's made by local bees. And I have a lot of pollen associated with a certain eating honey. At a earlier age can actually. Decrease your risk of developing allergies to the local environment. All of a sudden so you're saying that you're suggesting in your opinion is that's. Expose them to expand. At a younger age to build up an immunity to it. It's still. You know being the literature is now evolving okay. And you know peanut sensitivity is values in general. Do you have some hereditary. Ideology. Oh can you may be prone to that I mean. You know if your parents and grandparents analogies chances are you'll get them. At some point whether it's mild moderate or severe. Is that there's determinant at a later age as you get older. Yeah a kind but the peanut. No it is that it is a difficult thing you know there's. A food group in Rochester. Are coping airman group. Socially you'll bar that night I have typical food sensitivity. Patients. I'll send them today are they to a great job with kids and adults. But yeah our recent letter sure you. Can expose them to low doses of course peanut butter. Young kids with peanut is a choking hazard so moms are avoiding them a lot. And by not being sensitized to peanut at a younger age. They can develop. Severe sensitivity tap room but you have hereditary factors that they are some people are truly allergic to certain foods. Including Tina and I can be dangerous situation. You know Venezuelan do you can. It's not black and white you know have a lot do it you're her terrier genetic makeup. You're environmental chemical exposure valor you know the immune system is so complex. Bill it's not black and white that they won't give everybody peanuts when your. No one to two years of age. At least no lead resent literature shows that if you can consume. Small amounts of peanut products when you're young you Ken ward off severe peanut allergies you get older. A kind and that is that the one that's on everybody's mind because they. You know they have it adjusted. School. Rules and regulations because of these allergies you know I am allowed to even bring in Indian school lunches or you know no more birthday parties because of llamas sensitivity to be damages and that's why we invited you in just educator sounds a little bit about this because it. Obviously is a prevalent issue or topic I should say. Is there a chance of growing out of allergies or you hear that a lot only to shall grow a lot of it he'll grow out of it. Is it true in the majority of cases or is that a small percentage. Well systems sense it is true to creature body do it can adapt OK if you have. Have an eight topic person with allergies means you have allergies you'll always. Have allergies but your allergy symptoms and your immune response could get. Significantly worsen if you get older you can get better okay. You know that's what we do army gives immunotherapy were actually injecting things. That your body scientists warrant. Their response your immune response can build blocking antibodies so. As we get older are we doing that and actually ourselves. Building blocking antibodies. We live at a fairly sterile environment these days. Have a filters throughout the house. Good on the vacuum cleaner. Do you like that that we live in a quote unquote sterile environment nowadays they're do you perera. Dirty it up a little back. Well and that's also controversial you know because by not being exposed. To those things your immune system isn't. The churning and Nina I'm gonna be around for thousands of years and an invite Charlie for a few hundred couple hundred years yeah survive. A doctor on the bleach wake queen is going to be a struggle for me. I'm lucky before we move mining and continue your thought with their. SL IT slit our sub lingual immune know therapy Richard Arabs are correct are down. I wanted to touch briefly on penicillin nail allergies as well. What do we need to know about penicillin AIG's how common is it. It is not as common as most people tank on tank and a child will be. Treated for an ear infection her top collided at that Aniston on developer ash. Well whether it's from the N about it or whether it's from the virus that caused the ear infection. And so little Johnny had a virus from tennis on so. The doctor says oh he must have it has on our you don't use it and there are true people with tennis on our east and that's affixed allergy. Doesn't work every time your exposed to it you will have a react ha okay. And but the best thing if you have a severe reaction avoided. But only about 10% of people who believe there are allergic to tennis on. Are truly alerted the wrong. Panasonic and excellent throughout its cheap it can be used for a lot of confections. As long as the medical community is not over prescribing. Has sought will hold down resistance but there are some organisms that are resistant and saw. But there's a way to. Test individually using older children teenagers adults. To test to see if they're truly had a stall allergic to tennis on. Is one of the few drugs that you give to pregnant women. So it is worthwhile. To know if you are truly allergic to that or not. Parts of somebody along the way told you you may be are you bar. Get a second opinion is suggesting there a pact. And discussed you know your your brother or your mother has dependence on out he doesn't necessarily mean. You do. Okay. Now let's move over to be immunotherapy. What is best fans it is this. Instead of allergy injections is this a better way or are pretty much come. Well. Immunotherapy just means where. Doing therapy to change your immune response to certain allergens spokesman you're really proteins. And of course you think about he shots where your hand injecting under the skin. A little bit this term containing those proteins from an hour actions. And your body react to that you know you're. Immune systems says this is a foreign substance that goes and picks it up but it changes. Here here means that your match cells pick it up in your body will process that and have a reaction to it. Some of them can be pretty severe. Could be in a runny nose or itchy eyes. Or swelling where your cat rubbed against your skin. Two full blown at a full access where your me. You become hypertensive. Europe that year Packard Carter your blood. Flow slows down and can be dangerous even fatal in some severe AFLAC decree actions so. The allergy shots here actually injecting that under the skin doubling well. Immunotherapy is a little bit different you know somebody big of a cardiac patient they take care nitroglycerin under the tong and it gets absorbed. Pretty rapidly. Same thing with immunotherapy under the top. There are some FDA approved tablets believe we have grass is out ragweed. Hopefully in the next year will have to patent dust mite approved. Do you prefer it this overt allergy injections this feels like something you can do at home instead of. Well it is you do you do at home and that's. Fairly popular with some of the kids. The issue is it's not FDA approved. When we mixed the serum ourselves in the office. That the American academy of allergic allergy you've been doing this for years and has very excellent results. Even the general allergy population in general allergist are doing some some level. We waiting for a for the FDA or is it just well blanket hung in politics tickets hung up in politics and it's loud. Things take a long time to get a group in the US and we have some drug companies that are making some blame what happened. Their model of therapy and they work great if you only have one or two allergies. Are fresh face severe allergies. If it's cat hopefully in the next to your cat. Sub lingual tablets will be a buck available. They are available in Europe but not here yet hopefully senate. A tank he put the sunnier topic at the door he just don't swallow for two minutes 122 seeded do. There's only certain amount that gets absorbed under the tongue the issue with sub lingual immunotherapy is we have to keep you. Rather massive. Doses. Antigen or certain America's under the top. So which means it's very expensive you know it can be fairly expensive and we mix this chairman our office. It's not FDA approved so. Insurance company won't pay for there are people who do out of pocket. You don't have needles. You don't have to drive to the doctor's office and you don't have to wait. This very minute yeah this is that I was you think of them my daughter you know I'm a parent. Of the childhood allergies and I'm there once a month in its you know convenient hours as a daring the school hours. But I'm am questioning is this. Let's say best for the clocked ten years FDA approval is this the future of the way to treat allergies and it is elegy injections because it is intimidating for the child to to get the needle up. You know every month. I mean his daughter recent literature about doing. Actually injecting allergens right into a little note somewhere in the body. I'll heavy dose and then nobody would you know maybe doing it two or three times a year and that's though and yeah. It's in the works OK word that they are trying to you know make this a little bit easier on the patient. We are at a time doctor sent home Z from the Finger Lakes TNT. Assuming your web say it is a good a place to go for more information about this and we can call your office to. Sure are Ali and main office and in Newark 3153311313. And of course the web site they also have links the American academy of or go to college of allergy and American academy your nose and throat and neck surgery. That a lot of information on the web that some people can pretty much get by themselves and and informed patient can be our our best ally and off our course right. Does that I do appreciate that you guys. Do both. It's like one stop shopping for your patience but I'm sure a lot of your patients appreciate having ear nose and proud. Andy in allergy injections and amino therapies and it's wonderful that you guys do at both. Yes you level we do and there's definitely need. Thank you so much sector sent to unseat I appreciate your time already are welcome and.