After you drop your kid off at college you

Friday, August 11th


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There's no. Stab of your heart. As bad. Is this. One thing that just ruins you on the inside. One does one thing that is absolutely. It ain't you think you can handle it when it happens. Then you realize you can't it's heavy than a bus was instantly. Is it a break up. Is it a divorce. Take it dagger stag it's. Your heart. Starter on a little bit. Holdings and richter just opened right taped dagger step back in again take dagger out here here to get your putting your other your eyeballs. And it still doesn't match. The pain. The wall moments of this let's test that theory next on the guns. The collateral. If I can describe that feeling you will be getting that feeling. Coming up in. By years maybe give kids if you have kids but it's the day the they drive off to college in Seoul. Amazingly you know what's gonna happen you've been waiting for threaten you get them or god got air. And when it happens. The chasm. That giant cave of emptiness. In sadness. Comes rushing end. Amazing. The. Anybody would MS ticket you're Muslim. No I was. Dragon an appearance neighborhood and I say it was like almost like guy an insurance company commercial where does them little brother sitting on the front line Indian style. With a little toy in his hand and he was staring at his older brother and stuffing the family car it. College stuff because I saw him putting him back you know become fodder and chair if they crisscross applesauce by the way can't say in south cancer felt like got that was politically correct isn't it yeah I apologize gossip sauce on my cash. She was sitting across applesauce sitting crisscross applesauce I did not mean to offend anybody. But already strapped to the roofs of these media and suvs the company I just picture a small SUV with like something tied to the roof. And that's the parents got. Did duffel bag doesn't fit my car. Is it you know and appeared to get tough. Tough ride home. You'd drop them off. And men. Wait for it sick call on a court crow 222 buys. It first and what's up. That hold it look or. What. Yeah. It's happened to you. After you. And you little pizza does that tell. Waves like Ed first year ears kind of excited that began accepted into college radar and I made you feel like OK I did a good job being a parent and you go into the waiver of sadness when you drop them off. Any going to wave of even more deep sadness when you get the first college tuition bill yeah. And net after a few weeks go by then you hop because the house stays clean. Now you missed some of her yeah there's avoid. Did you two by the slowest runners try to buzz good morning. I lust from hello it yeah Austin bottom when my son went to. Rhode Island. Two over there was time. Your talking and reminisce saying in last fan and anticipate and then. And you know it's a whole new adventure getting down there and get out cool or in line you know edit this queued up in in the parking lot we snaked their way and gotten from the dorm and all the all the Greeks were then another all that fraternities sororities. Where there like shooting fish in a barrel trying to recruit Palin Ebert got stuck in Fauria and all they're all there and it was everything was moved in met his roommates is in Manhattan shortly here on campus and my wife and I and in his brother. And it's time to go. He walks Asad to the the car parking lot. User gave I. And at that point. It hit me. That. He's not my little buddy anymore. And that. I won't see him for months. And it was like. Bride. Like being like the entire way home. All right remembered it remember that that show lined injury prevention really guy just cries staff. Horrible. Soul crushing whale that was me. And at and I think more people can relate to the senate. Back there isn't it funny you were devastated. Because you know that's then you let him free he was on his own and little did you know that two years later he would still be in your house and you can't get rid of that and you're trying to kick him out of how does as well play. And I die or trying to get to. Didn't want to YouTube was that moment. How I have by the CO one go ahead are you see you've got one on the way to college. Yeah where they're out. There. Oh dear OK okay so what is music daughter. Okay what certain key. We are doing you any send loving tearful mom amass a drain now. It. They're I love you and Rick Perry the and a permanent and I need bearing any air and not years. Can. Can we can talk about it. Wait till we're blue in the face about what it's like you what to expect but until this happens until you drives a lot of that college dorm parking lot. That in many hits Hsu who like AF five tornado and you won't stop crying and you get to relate him to and. Oh I know yeah I thought I was act or talk about what are your. You know what my record mark that I Earhart and I otter going to college and. Oh you nailed it down yeah yeah well he'll give us when none. When none when those tears start to slump doing nasty yeah. Did you get married you know and yeah on strategies and Daniel cry harder yeah. It hurt him. It's easy to come back to Iran just. June. It all came to let your daughter came. Hey hi he he's got the Yahoo! story. IPO. OK I have two boys that are eighteen and nineteen. And I raise amendment single mom. And an April I and my nineteen year all up to basic meaning for the airport. Who I didn't get to speak to him for eight and a half weeks but I have my letters. Not it was brutal. Yeah and then and you once in July the script I am that my eighteen year old up to college they are the way. Yeah I don't know. So they're both gone it's. He's going to Universal Technical Institute an extent yanked. Oh man my cat she must be so proud but yet so. Lonely empty. I I am actually had to cry thinking about it don't look a oh all. John I know what you're talking about and ending your metropolitan opera but I will play it and they wanted to mocked the military. Is. And definitely where there's no bone to Colin pick up and say hey how are you doing you are right and what they're doing to your kids aired. Mariah. There's no sense of relief whatsoever mama I'm used to scream and meeting up for school to take a shower to do laundry and take the guards got thought for sure she would be happy today moved out me. It's funny because I come like my kids now I can cut my panties and technical well now he's electrically. And I can talk to them now on I think all the things he used to do like wheat cooking leap into account our hamburger syndicate that he could. Boom to do that now he's come. How he's he's so regimented and in so leg up on can we do he's probably gonna be the neatest. Latest. You know smartest kid on the block. LP as Israel urges graduating from basic training it was if you count the Caremark will and yes I am no man doors being opened it was incredible with them. Mumbling yeah. My kid and now yeah. Doesn't mean you have me I think is a good time yeah junior ROTC. Thank you don't thank them.