The 6 Pillars of Strength Will Give You Financial Confidence

Friday, September 6th

Welcome to the year of financial wellness.

The first Friday of each month our good friend CFP VP at Morgan Stanley, Erica Cummings joins the conversation.

She’s laid out the plan for us. If we follow it step by step, and do what she gives us as our monthly “homework” at the end of the year we will reflect and realize we are in a good spot.  We WILL feel financially confident.  And that is an incredible feeling.

Today, The Six Pillars of Strength

1- Discover your purpose. Purpose means being present and fully involved in all aspects of living. It also means taking steps toward what you want to accomplish and removing anything that does not serve your purpose.

2- Demystify your finances. By asking good questions and avoiding the common mistakes, you can understand and take advantage of the most important drivers of long-term financial success.

3- Protect your health. The extent to which you make protecting your health a top priority is unquestionably one of the most important financial – yes, financial – investments you can make during your lifetime.

4- Put your oxygen mask on first. You cannot be the superwoman you’d like to be, without engaging in moments of self-renewal, taking time to recharge your battery.

5- Seek contentment over perfection. It is easy to go from hero to zero in our role as family caregiver. Support and honesty from each other enable us to counteract the illusions of perfection on social media, so we can be content in what’s right for us.

6- Design your own career path. There are no right or wrong answers in our decision to work or not to work, nor is it easy to navigate the professional world as a woman. We benefit from actively seeking insight from our sisters, strengthening our confidence and owning the decisions we make at the right time and for the right reasons.