5 Principles for Financial Success- with Erica Cummings

Monday, November 4th

You stumbled on this podcast because you want to be more engaged with your finances.  You want to feel at ease knowing that you will be able to retire comfortably.
Awesome, me too! That’s exactly why I started this podcast.
So welcome to the year of financial wellness.
The first Friday of each month our good friend CFP VP at Morgan Stanley, Erica Cummings joins the conversation.
She’s laid out the plan for us. If we follow it step by step, and do what she gives us as our monthly “homework” at the end of the year we will reflect and realize we are in a good spot.

As we round out the year, Erica is here to give us the 5 Principles for Financial Success
The goal of this episode and every episode is to help you make strides in your finances. Get you to the point where you have a good understanding of where you stand and what the plan is.  It will feel amazing when you can confidently say
“I am a financially confident woman”