4 High Performance Practices That Will Change Your Life

Friday, January 4th

Your mental health, your physical health and your financial health are all connected.

Every January, we start the year saying we WANT to be better, we WANT to be healthier, we WANT to have more money etc. but something happens and we end up falling short of the lofty goals we set for ourselves.

Well, maybe it's just me who has never followed through on a single New Year's Resolution.

Until now!

I discovered our guest Anna during one of those many moments that I was "going to start working out," it was actually my mom who told me to check out the POPSUGAR Fitness videos on YouTube.  I loved Anna's spirit and energy and began to really enjoy working out. The routines were doable for me, easy to follow and I was seeing results. BUT sadly, I confess, I fell off the wagon again.

So, to motivate me and anyone else who needs it Anna the founder of Anna Renderer Fitness, host of POPSUGAR Fitness, Certified High Performance Coach joins the conversation today with her 4 High Performance Practices that will change your life.