Is 20 too young to get married

Thursday, August 10th


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Saying the eyes and answer any such as somebody yesterday. And she was talking about her engagement in recent engagement and I'm looking at her she's talking on my students. It's really young and Justin's gonna ask. How do you know I'm having fear and these are healthy. I'm twentieth season and I've reacted in a way that I'm I'm really ashamed of inside my doll boy this is gonna and well here to your mom. What he's thinking that's Stew Dayton Pamela. Well well I ashamed event to get its troop annul c'mon. Why it it daughter was twenty in Vietnam. He Mary. I love himself match and you're not steer it. Go ahead we gonna have milk in your champagne out. And us. But except I guess is a little different you know your daughter right you know this is linked to this to at this point still I still think I know she's getting married and she's engaged in no event. She's twenty years old nets need to know to judge her and her relationship in her fiancee that I don't even know what he looks like. What he does or anything like that her message out there are those stories for high school sweethearts get married young and they're still together and it happy is sweetest couple absolutely and yeah but as now apparent. If my twenty year old came to means that that. No matter what. But can you just put it off when gladiator rushed on the high heels went eight to win. To the babies out but no yeah I. Liked what. And when you wait how long leeway I think if you wanna get married and you want him and I approve and then you get married yeah yeah. Sure I won it always hang your head and don't get married to you're Thirtysomething well thing you don't want to know what you want. Yeah we want to know what she yet you don't occasion yet you yet. Is it you never know what you want until you know you what you don't want. Right right you've always said. Getting married young doesn't work. Even though you got tired old and it's still there mark yes it's part of the slot thanks thanks Cindy. You're pretty friendly sign 31. OK. Her. I did. You can't look here. You. Can't get married. Well sooner. Maybe. It's college that. OK it's just I don't. Really. Ready. For whatever reason. That's I'm teaching my kids it. Ever since they could understand my words. I would tell him please there are going to be moments in life for I tell you something in your missing mom your crazy I know what I'm doing. Please trust me guys I only will give you a. Vice hope people obviously. So I just hey learn themselves though they don't learn unless they touched the hot stove. That's the problem you can't show you wait and their butts at thirty years earlier hustle player. Thoughts the on the registry. This series is is Blake and supposed to be forever everybody's making it like it is jokes now. It is a joke now marriage it completely as it took have a friend who was met was. Went through a divorce longer than he was actually married now of that because mom just in a grand. Mom new I do not knew that was going south young daughters and wires to apply to people still. One getting married to in a rush to get married because they're not listening to the mountain ash. The homeless guy and that's it. It's a big rush to get him. Yeah Sony nationally. Yeah. And you educate your daughter. Your daughter eight divorce funding for her wedding. At the end of the I can say about it.