Judgment Zone- The GIANT Inflatable Pool in Backyard

Judgment Zone- The GIANT Inflatable Pool in Backyard

Thursday, July 19th

Judgment Zone Case #719

Today's trial is from a Facebook message we received:

Breakfast Buzz,

I feel as if I already lost this battle but it's not too late to see what your listeners think. Let me start with this... I love my wife, so very much. With that said I think I need a therapist at this point.

I work hard both at my job and at home to keep our family's house in the best shape possible, specifically my lawn. My beautiful, green perfectly cut lawn. Did I mention that I love my wife?

With that said, you can imagine the pit in my stomach… and the sweat dripping down my neck when I came home last week to a giant… blue… earth-crushing swimming pool dead center in my backyard.

I now lay awake at night, dreading the day where that pool comes down for the fall and I have to see the horror that it’s giant plastic mold did my precious blanket of green grass.

Now, I should mention that I love my wife- but I need this for JERK or JUSTIFIED.