Resume and Job Interview Hacks with Mike McNamara

November 8, 2019

Resume and Job interview hacks with Mike McNamara

If you need advice about how to write that perfect resume or how to nail the job interview Mike McNamara is your guy to help you win that job.
Among several other job titles and passions, Mike is the founder and CEO of TalentBlvd.
For those of you who are new to the workforce or those of you who haven’t updated your resume in years this is a great conversation to listen to.

What should you include in your resume?
What is the best way to get your resume through the AI?
And when it comes to the job interview, Mike teaches us what NOT to do when you go in for the handshake.
What types of questions they'll most likely ask you and how you should answer them.

Plus so much more great advice.
Good luck on getting that job!

To view the documents Mike referred to in the interview:

Cheers to being a financially confident woman!