Ariana Grande Is Sharing New Music and We’re Not OK

She'll be right back

September 15, 2020

Yaaaasss Queen! Late last night Ariana Grande posted a tiny tease of a little somethin’ somethin’ she’s working on along with the caption, “brb,” and with all honesty, we are not okay. Just five seconds of Ari’s signature airy vocals is all it took to send us reeling.

Not even one lyric was uttered, but the quick clip still gave us life, slayed, and then resuscitated us with a couple seconds of video to spare. Not only because of her angelic voice, but because if your a fan of Ari, which we most certainly are, it means not only is new music in the works, but that she’s also ready to start sharing.

Sharing tracks in the works isn’t something new for Grande. Before dropping Thank You, Next, in 2018 she did the exact same thing with one of our favorites of the album, “needy,” and about a month later, and after about one million replays of that short snippet, the album was ours.

So what does that mean for this latest tease? Were not entirely sure, but the aspiring Nancy Drew within us got to sleuthing to see what else we could find. A few hours before sharing the clip Ari tweeted what some could believe to be lyrics, "Know my love infinite nothing that i won't do," which was retweeted with a few loving emojis by “Rain On Me” collaborator Nija Charles.

Hours later, in the wee hours of Tuesday morn Charles also tweeted that she was “executive producing my first project. Only hits on the brain.” Could she be referring to Ari’s next album?

Girrrll! We can not. It’s been over a year since Thank You, Next and new music from Ari is what we desperately need. We along with Arianators across the globe are legitimately freaking out about the brief glimpse of what’s to come. So girl stop playing and at least drop the whole song already, lol no rush or whatever, but “brb” does allude to a quick return… just saying.

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